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6 Easy Ways To Pull Off A Pregnant Zombie Halloween Costume

6 Easy Ways To Pull Off A Pregnant Zombie Halloween Costume

Zombie enthusiasts, as well as those who are currently Googling Halloween costume ideas, know that zombie costumes are a thing. FURTHERMORE, pregnant zombie Halloween costumes are an even bigger thing, with some real winners popping up all over your various social media platforms. No need to hide that bump this Halloween when you emphasize it to scare the hell out of people. More »

A Comprehensive Guide To Kim Kardashian’s Best & Worst Maternity Looks

A Comprehensive Guide To Kim Kardashian's Best & Worst Maternity Looks

Despite having given Kim an e-hard time with her wardrobe choices and never-ending cutouts, we are admittedly fascinated with these daily decisions she dons (I realize how hokey that alliteration sounded now that I’ve typed it, but it feels so appropriate here). Therefore, we are delivering you a review of all the oddities Kim Kardashian has worn while pregnant.

You know what I learned while making this little list? Some of her outfits were actually pretty nice! And that the ones that were bad were really, really bad. I learned that, too. Stay tuned for breast icicles, lacy cutouts and peplum pants! More »