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Ready-To-Click: The Tactical Beauty Diet

Ready-To-Click: The Tactical Beauty Diet

Maximize the beauty/skin effects of food. -YouBeauty

Necessary: 3 easy (and crucial) summer buns for this heat wave. -Refinery29

Affordable and lovely neutral nails. -Birchbox

Drew Barrymore is summer in an outfit (shorts, stripes and bright shoes). -The Budget Babe

But there’s also maxi dresses, rompers, straw fedoras. -Betty Confidential

Versace has taken the online criticism over their denim processing to heart. -The High Low

This weekend, people took part in the world’s largest fashion show. -Styleite

Party Favors: What Is ‘Housesnarking’?

Party Favors: What Is 'Housesnarking'?

Housesnarking: what is it? And are you guilty of it? -ShelterPop

What happens when you replace actors with actresses in a Judd Apatow movie? -XX Factor

20 celebrities who forgot to put on their pants. -The Frisky

Madonna’s latest odd fitness secret revealed. -MyDaily

Relationship counselors share their most powerful tools. -YourTango

Shoes will be bright, printed, floral for Spring. -Buzznet

Kate Middleton wore these wedges and, just like that, they have a wait list. -Styleite

Lace goes edgy for Spring. -StyleList

Speaking of which, these lace-soled and jeweled t-straps cost over $1000. -Betty Confidential

In pictures: some of Jennifer Lopez’s more memorable style moments. -Celebuzz

Styling Spring’s ubiquitous maxi dress. -College Candy

An apology has been issued for the now-infamous Lakshmi swimsuit. -Fashion Etc

Party Favors: More Fashion That Gives Back

Party Favors: More Fashion That Gives Back

Gucci has released a chic, simple watch to benefit Japan. -Betty Confidential

Do you suffer from Gwyneth Paltrow Stockholm Syndrome?-Double X

Rachel Zoe’s five favorite maxi dresses/skirts right now. -StyleList

See Paris Hilton’s former Hollywood home. -ShelterPop

Does that Kate Moss “getting groped” French Vogue cover bother you? -Buzznet

The Hillier: up close with Marc by Marc’s classic hobo satchel. -College Candy

What place does a stay-at-home mom have in discussions of family finance? -YourTango

Which fashion icon is among the important people on the Time 100 list? -Styleite

…And which pop star with a famous haircut? -Celebuzz

Ready-to-Click: Jessica Simpson To Judge A Talent Competition

Ready-to-Click: Jessica Simpson To Judge A Talent Competition

Jessica Simpson may return to reality television. -Socialite Life

How to wear this spring’s massive ’70s trend. Jumpsuits, Maxi dresses and all. -The Inside Source

Speaking of ’70s, Anja Rubik looks fit for 54 in this Spanish Vogue editorial. -Fashion Indie

Rumor mill is spinning over who will replace John Galliano at Dior. -Fashion Etc

Highlights from Robert Pattinson’s Vanity Fair cover story. He’s holding an alligator. -Betty Confidential

This is a real headline with a real post: “Cheap chic ideas from Charlie Sheen’s house.” -Shelter Pop More »

Gallery: Looks That Are Hard to Pull Off

Gallery: Looks That Are Hard to Pull Off

Last week, I was thinking about suits: namely, when it works, it’s awesome, when it fails, it really fails. So today I’ve compiled some photos of other pieces that present real challenges: high-waisted denim, harem pants, midriff-bearing 90′s looks and more. I wouldn’t say that anything here can be categorized as “always terrible” (capes are often awesome and functional!) but I would say most of them qualify as “hard to pull off” (as the title suggests–). So, what works here and what doesn’t is up to you. Moreover, what’d I leave out? More »