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Party Favors: Genetic Blessings

Party Favors: Genetic Blessings

Maxim has named the world’s hottest women. -Buzznet

Equality is in fashion at J. Crew. -XX Factor

“I’m desperate for my mother’s approval.” -MyDaily

How to shop online without getting screwed. -College Candy

Concerning homemade soda and the tools you’ll need to make it. -ShelterPop

How about Serena Williams’ fascinator last night? -Betty Confidential

Hamish Bowles wore a McQueen tartan tux to the Met Gala. Thoughts? -Styleite

Everything you need for a killer brow kit. -Haute Box

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian wore the same colorful mini. Who won? -StyleList

These laced-up heels are pretty crazy. -Buzznet

SPECIAL: Best Quote of the Week

SPECIAL: Best Quote of the Week

It’s rare that one quote, out of all the quotes we hear, deserves special recognition at the end of any given week. After all, plenty of people say plenty of interesting shit, right?

But this week, it’s been done. It is perhaps not surprising that this honor goes to one Anna Chapman, the woman accused of being a Russian spy in the U.S., who went on to pose for her country’s edition of Maxim after being deported. More »

Bullish: Three Career F*ckups I Made So You Don’t Have To

Bullish: Three Career F*ckups I Made So You Donât Have To

Some people are successful just because they’re lucky. Some people are successful due to such a confluence of luck and aptitude that it’s impossible to sort out: Ivanka Trump sounds like a pretty cool lady, but it’s impossible for anyone to know if she would’ve done well if not born a Trump.

While I certainly feel privileged to have been born in a nation with good public schools, impeccable sanitation, and lack of Sharia law, I do like to point out that most of what I talk about in Bullish was learned by me in extremely painful ways: I have declared bankruptcy, I have lived in an East Harlem drug den, I have been an awkward sixteen-year-old who had never shaken hands before.

It’s “I Regret Everything” week here at TheGloss! So, here are some ginormous mistakes I’ve made that you don’t have to!

More »

Shannan Click Thinks It’s Retarded That Swimsuit Models Aren’t Respected

Shannan Click Thinks It's Retarded That Swimsuit Models Aren't Respected

Shannan Click is a famous model. She’s walked for Miu Miu, Prada, Alexander McQueen. She’s been photographed by Steven Meisel and Patrick Demarchelier. She’s been in a Burberry campaign. She’s been in a lot of campaigns. Her work deserves respect. And yet, when it comes to posing for this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? She tells TheGloss not so much. More »

Should Men’s Magazines Stop Doing ‘Least Attractive’ Lists?

Should Men's Magazines Stop Doing 'Least Attractive' Lists?

No matter how much a celebrity is buffered by PR people, yes-women, money, status, and success, I imagine that being publicly denounced as the “Least Sexy Fill-In-The-Blank” would be a tough thing for any woman to shake off.

Now, that’s never stopped men’s magazines from developing outstanding journalistic content around that critical topic. I’ve never been able to fathom a reason for it, but I guess I sort of hoped it was limited to the infamous list put out by Maxim, and notes circulated by high school sophomores.

But as it turns out, “unattractive women” lists are a bit more common than we might like More »

See-Through Underwear Is Totally Pointless

See-Through Underwear Is Totally Pointless

The Daily Show‘s Olivia Munn is on the cover of this month’s Maxim. However, some people are asking that the magazine be shelved in the “adult” section (that means with the porn) instead of men’s. Though the magazine is known for their sexy photoshoots, the thing that apparently took this one too far is Munn’s see-through underwear. Which brings me to another point: why is see-through underwear a thing? More »