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Party Favors: DIY Project For A Summer Staple

Party Favors: DIY Project For A Summer Staple

A bizarre use for many spare Popsicle sticks. -DIYLife

Pop culture’s 15 most memorable beehives. -The Frisky

A new study on cheating reveals some interesting reasons why people stray. -College Candy

Happy Meals inch closer to Healthy Meals. -DoubleX

Recent Google searches. -The Hairpin

Are childfree couples selfish? -YourTango

Sephora has released an ambitious new app. -The High Low

Guess which fashion house is releasing a (presumably gorgeous) debut perfume? -Refinery29

Um! Hello Kitty is also releasing a perfume. -Betty Confidential

Models are taking over the movies! -Styleite

Speaking of models, Alessandra Ambrosio is summer ready. -The Budget Babe

How your skin ages. -YouBeauty

Summer beauty sins you should definitely avoid. -Birchbox

Party Favors: Sarah Palin’s American History

Party Favors: Sarah Palin's American History

Concerning her recent Paul Revere mishap. -Double X

What it’s like to lose all your hair. -TheHairpin

Luxury brands now down with augmented reality. -The High Low

“I gave up eating at chain restaurants.” -MyDaily

“I’m bored with our sex life. What should I do?” -YourTango

25 signs he’s definitely not The One. -The Frisky

Kanye West’s new video has many dead models! -Styleite

Rihanna performed in a colorful bikini and heels in Baltimore. -Celebuzz

Angelina Jolie’s style evolution. -StyleList

“Does marriage make you fat?” -Betty Confidential

Cat’s eye beauty tutorial. -College Candy

Beauty don’ts. -Birchbox

Party Favors: One Hour of Sex Equals 30 Minutes of Jogging

Party Favors: One Hour of Sex Equals 30 Minutes of Jogging

Hooray! Those of us afraid to go to the gym can now get our exercise fix just through sex. – The Daily Beast

There is a very important part of this article (though small) that says research shows there is no actual sperm in pre-ejaculation so the “pulling out” method can actually work if he pulls out in time. Take that, sex-ed. – Lemondrop

Putting on condoms just got a whole lot easier … with the “Quick Strip” tab! – Crushable

There is such a thing as the “Obamarator.” And, yes. It is exactly what you think it is. – Village Voice More »

When Fast Food Becomes a Political Activity

When Fast Food Becomes a Political Activity

There comes a time in every young idealist’s life when they realize that they are not able to consistently uphold the practices that they preach. Maybe it’s the time that the burgeoning women’s rights activist has drunken sex without a condom, or when the ardent vegetarian allows for a rib to find its way into her watering mouth.

For the foodies among us, the moment often happens like it did for writer Francis Lam More »