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‘I Quit My Job Because Of Mean Girls’: 4 True Stories

âI Quit My Job Because Of Mean Girlsâ: 4 True Stories

Will we ever be able to escape mean girls? According to research, probably not. Though we are physically out of high school we are now in the workplace which, in some ways, is just like high school except with more money and an HR department. We know girls can be so mean in high school that the ones who are victims are often inconsolable and scarred for life. Though these stories do make for great entertainment (Mean Girls, The Heathers, 13 Going on 30, Never Been Kissed, Suburgatory, The Bachelorette, Men at Work) it is not as funny when it happens in the real workplace. Some women are so bullied by other women at work that they actually feel like quitting their job is the only solution. We talked to some women who said they were forced to leave their jobs because of mean girls in the office. More »

Vote: Who Is Your Favorite Bad Young Lady?

Vote: Who Is Your Favorite Bad Young Lady?

Charles T. Epps, The New Jersey Schools Superintendent, recently said ““Our worst enemy is the young ladies. The young girls are bad. I don’t know what they’re drinking today, but they’re bad.” They’re most likely drinking approximately the same thing they’ve always drank (peach schnapps!) But, how are they being bad? And how should they be bad? We turn to some classic examples. Pick the baddest young lady of them all: More »

5 Ways To Be a Better Friend, Starting…Now

5 Ways To Be a Better Friend, Starting...Now

Let’s own up, here, shall we? We’ve all been guilty of making the offhand comment about our friends, or even outright shit-talking about them behind their backs. We’ve snarkily teamed up on people, been clique-y, been sorry excuses for mean girls.

Well, ladies, all that is about to end. Part of being a good friend, since you asked, is being a good person, and here are five ways you can get to work on that: More »