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Nothing You Do Will Get Rid Of This Cold

Nothing You Do Will Get Rid Of This Cold

Science, you are not giving us a lot to work with here. Vitamin C won’t help us fight off a cold, apparently. Neither will Vitamin D apparently. And now antibiotics are definitely out:

A new study shows that although most people think a cough ought to last no more than a week or so, the duration of the most annoying symptom of winter illness is about 18 days — and could be more than three weeks.

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Video: ‘Orgasm, Inc’ Examines the Quest for the Female Viagra

Video: 'Orgasm, Inc' Examines the Quest for the Female Viagra

Filmmaker Liz Canner took a job editing erotic videos. Sounds normal, right? It turns out that the videos were to be used by a pharmaceutical company as part of a focus group for a drug they were working on – a possible “Viagra for women.” The project led Canner on a mission to find out whether pharmaceutical companies, including the one she worked for, were exploiting female sexuality to make money. More »

4 Things To Expect from Dr. Drew’s New Show

4 Things To Expect from Dr. Drew's New Show

Dr. Drew, the doctor-turned-TV-star who has hosted Loveline, Celebrity Rehab, and the Teen Mom reunions, is getting his own show on HLN. Although his previous forays into television have relied on his medical expertise – Drew, whose workaday last name is Pinsky, is an addiction and recovery specialist – this one will be a more general news and current events discussion program a la the network’s shows with Larry King and Joy Behar. However, I‘ve expressed my dislike for Drew before, and I don’t think I am going to watch his show. If you do, though, here’s what I predict you’ll see: More »

Your Love is Not My Drug: Why I Prefer Advil to Romance

Your Love is Not My Drug: Why I Prefer Advil to Romance

Everyone keeps talking about how being in love can cure pain. There’s all these studies that have come out recently making claims that love produces hormones and some other chemical mumbo jumbo that replace feelings of pain, hurt and agony. A recent YourTango article looks into these studies and suggests that maybe romantic love can replace painkillers. Well, I’m looking into these studies and I suggest that romantic love can never replace painkillers. I’m not talking about being addicted to painkillers. I’m talking about how romantic love can never have the success rate of painkillers such as ibuprofen, and more specifically Advil. It’s not that I don’t think falling in love isn’t great, because it is. But when you’re in pain, Advil is a more dependable, viable painkiller than romantic love. More »