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The Heart Monitor: ‘Do Penises Float?’ And Other Questions For Men

The Heart Monitor: 'Do Penises Float?' And Other Questions For Men

Before I continue on with my relationship column, I have to admit that I have some questions about the opposite sex.

Let me level with you. I’m a smart enough girl. I’ve been around the proverbial block. I’m in my late twenties, and I’ve had sex with, I don’t know, fewer men than years I’ve been alive. More than the years I’ve lived in New York. Anyway, I think I have a decent grasp on men. But I’m no expert. There are certain male traits I just don’t understand. Most of them concern sports and dicks. Some of these questions I ask my boyfriend, and some may well have no answers at all. More »

Introducing John Allan’s Club

Introducing John Allan's Club

John Allan’s Club is one of the premiere grooming club for Men. You’ll find it in Manhattan with 4 locations and just recently opened one in Chicago. John Allan’s Club offers grooming treatments such as haircuts, manicures, shoe shines, shaves, … More »

Win A Braun BodyCruzer

Win A Braun BodyCruzer

Before I tell you about the contest to win a bodycruZer for yourself (or someone else), let me tell you about the campaign that’s going on right now called BodyCruZade headed by Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui. BodyCruZade is an online … More »