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Should Men’s Magazines Stop Doing ‘Least Attractive’ Lists?

Should Men's Magazines Stop Doing 'Least Attractive' Lists?

No matter how much a celebrity is buffered by PR people, yes-women, money, status, and success, I imagine that being publicly denounced as the “Least Sexy Fill-In-The-Blank” would be a tough thing for any woman to shake off.

Now, that’s never stopped men’s magazines from developing outstanding journalistic content around that critical topic. I’ve never been able to fathom a reason for it, but I guess I sort of hoped it was limited to the infamous list put out by Maxim, and notes circulated by high school sophomores.

But as it turns out, “unattractive women” lists are a bit more common than we might like More »

GQ’s 2008 Men Of The Year

GQ's 2008 Men Of The Year

(Image : Newscom) 2008 GQ’s Men Of The Year is a compilation of 28 Men who made the world a better place this year? President Elect Barack Obama took the “Game Changer” title. Choosing someone else for the particular title … More »