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Lindsay Lohan’s Half Sister Undergoing Plastic Surgery To Become A Hotter Version Of Her

Lindsay Lohan's Half Sister Undergoing Plastic Surgery To Become A Hotter Version Of Her

Meet 18-year-old Ashley Horn, totally congruent with the Lohan mold of existential agony, self-righteous obliviousness and pathological lying. Ashley’s mother Kristi had a “brief affair” with Michael Lohan in the early ’90s when he was married to now ex Dina–and after 18 long mortifying years of anonymity, Horn’s decided to make a name for herself by undergoing a series of plastic surgeries to look more like Lindsay.

Only, like, a hotter Lindsay. No, seriously. More »

Party Favors: Guess Who’s Talking To The Press Again

Party Favors: Guess Who's Talking To The Press Again

Michael Lohan is crazy and talking about sex, being a minister and those other Lohans. -The Fix

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Eat like a Honduran. -DoubleX

“How I got a stripper’s number.” -College Candy

They made a new fruit! -The Hairpin

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Make the most of a wasted space (relevant to your interests, New York). -ShelterPop

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One of fall beauty’s more surprising rollouts: a Hello Kitty collection. -Betty Confidential

But while we’re still in summer: some lovely neutral polishes. -Birchbox

Food and well-being: experts say what you eat can influence your happiness. -YouBeauty

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Look for less: pyramid stud earrings. -The Budget Babe

David Beckham x …H&M? -Styl

Gallery: Top 10 Celebrity Oversharers

Gallery: Top 10 Celebrity Oversharers

Celebrities have to share things about their lives because that’s just a part of their job. But I’m pretty sure the job description of “celebrity” doesn’t entail telling everyone about the inner workings of your sex lives or your political views or really anything that’s TMI. Why can’t every celebrity be as classy as Natalie Portman and George Clooney? More »