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Shopping Guide: Get Your Favorite Movie Sunglasses

Shopping Guide: Get Your Favorite Movie Sunglasses

When people first see you, hanging out on the lawn, wearing a bikini, you don’t want them saying “oh, hi, [your name]. Aren’t you cold? It’s still surprisingly chilly out.” You want them saying “Oh my God, it is Lolita!” See, with the right sunglasses you can trick them into thinking you’re some sort of 13 year old nymphet, even though you are… not. Or anyone you want to be! More »

What’s Your Signature Piece?

What's Your Signature Piece?

Anna Wintour has her sunglasses. Jean Paul Gaultier has his striped shirts. Karl Lagerfeld has his robot form. Dumbo has a magical feather that he believes makes him fly.

I have a special spoon I like to use to eat soup, because it is the perfect size.

This list is going to get less and less glamorous as it goes on. More »