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The Editors Debate: Is Plastic Surgery ‘Immoral’?

The Editors Debate: Is Plastic Surgery 'Immoral'?

On Monday, we asked some ladies what kind of plastic surgery they’d get. Responses varied, but a few expressed extreme disdain for the practice, even the word “immoral” was thrown around. Plenty of commenters cried foul but more than a few agreed that it was, indeed, immoral. Now Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Wright and Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff must debate to the death. Loser has turkey neck forever. More »

Party Favors: Why Do People Like Cats?

Party Favors: Why Do People Like Cats?

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Tween Sex Scandals: Why Are Women Such Sluts?

Tween Sex Scandals: Why Are Women Such Sluts?

Editor-in-chief Jennifer Wright and I were having a conversation about some trivial bullshit and then, for whatever reason, the phrase “French kiss” was used. It seemed to occur to us simultaneously that we had not heard this phrase since middle school and the idea of the French kiss had not been provocative, titillating, or reputation-obliterating in about as long.

Back in the day, right around fifth or sixth grade, Jane French kissing John on the blacktop was a matter of enormous scandal. Here are some stories of our own awakening recognition of sexual activity: let TheGloss (and a few of our B5 buddies) transport you back in time when standards of decency were astronomically high and everyone was appalled by all this risky, slutty behavior. More »