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Sorry, I Have No Desire To See ‘Bridesmaids’

Sorry, I Have No Desire To See 'Bridesmaids'

Oh, you’re going to see Bridesmaids this weekend. That’s great. I went to see Somthing Borrowed last week. It was terrible! But I think that Ginnifer Goodwin is cute. Call me when you finish seeing it, we should get drinks. Wait, you say it’s my social repsonsibility to see Bridesmaids? Are you joking? No, you nutter-butter. No. How are we even friends? How do I have friends who say things like that?

Wait. I don’t have friends like that. I just got that jargon from some article.
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Meet The Incredible Hulk

Meet The Incredible Hulk

Image details: Premiere Of Universal Pictures’ "The Incredible Hulk" – Arrivals served by But wasn’t there already a Hulk movie with Eric Bana you ask? Yes, but the Marvel comics wanted to make their own. So here’s Edward Norton … More »