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I Got Mugged (So You Won’t Have To!)

I Got Mugged (So You Won't Have To!)

I got mugged last week. Knowing that muggings happen to everyone isn’t as comforting as, say, all your college girlfriends getting abnormal pap smear, or all your work colleagues getting their email hacked by prescription drug spammers. The situation is still absolutely, heart-stoppingly frightening. I wish I had followed these idiotically obvious steps to get through it. More »

How I Outran My Muggers

How I Outran My Muggers

Have you ever spent time fantasizing about how you’d do in a crime-type situation? I have, and in my fantasies, I always lose. I curl up into the fetal position on the ground and offer my assailant all of my money, my ATM password, and the keys to my roommate’s car, just please don’t hurt me, Mr. Scary Mugger Man. But when I actually found myself menaced by some unsavory young people, it didn’t play out that way at all, and that’s why I’m writing this boast post. More »