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How To Recover From A Weekend Of Festival Partying

How To Recover From A Weekend Of Festival Partying

Oh man, if you partied at Coachella over the weekend, I hope you don’t feel too beat right now. Ehh, you probably do. I’m sure you have no regrets and feel all yolo or whatever the kids are saying these days, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a hungover mess. All that fun in the California desert sunshine can really do a number on the old human bod. Luckily there are ways to feel like your everyday self again. More »

Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing A ‘Guantanamo Party’ For Coachella

Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing A 'Guantanamo Party' For Coachella

What is it with people these days choosing to push boundaries with party themes? Sometimes, these ideas are playful and fun. It’s lovely. Sometimes, these ideas are terrible; for example, that sorority from Penn State who assumed all Mexicans are impoverished drug addicts. Not so lovely, and that is why they were publicly ridiculed.

Of course, not everybody learns the “be creative, not cruel” rule when it comes to parties; now, Flaunt magazine wants in on the good ol’ racist action, too. More »