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Gallery: All Of The Fabulous Outfits From RuPaul’s ‘Responsitrannity’ Video

Gallery: All Of The Fabulous Outfits From RuPaul's 'Responsitrannity' Video

The prolific RuPaul has a new music video out. It’s called “Responsitrannity” and it’s basically a commercial for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, but it’s so fab that I just can’t get mad at it. In the video, RuPaul dances around in a magical Lisa Frank spacescape with famous friends and show contestants alike. There’s sass, fierceness, and much vivacious exuberance. The overarching message? Anyone can be a star, even you! (Only one person can win RuPaul’s Drag Race, however.) Check out the outfits, then put the song on full blast and a have yourself a Friday afternoon no-pants dance off. You’ve earned it! More »

Gallery: 8 Things I Can Think Of That Are Worse Than Gawker’s Latest ‘Worst Thing In The Universe’

Gallery: 8 Things I Can Think Of That Are Worse Than Gawker's Latest 'Worst Thing In The Universe'

The new Rebecca Black has arrived! Only this time, she’s not a 13-year-old child too young to know better, but a fully grown, 30-something-year-old woman. Which makes it much fun. I’m speaking, of course, of the lady who made and posted this terrible music video as a “surprise” for her husband on their wedding day. “This Is The Worst Thing In The Entire Universe” was the headline Gawker chose. More »

Gallery: All Of The Outfits From Nicki Minaj’s Eye Popping ‘I Am Your Leader’ Video

Gallery: All Of The Outfits From Nicki Minaj's Eye Popping 'I Am Your Leader' Video

Sartorial genius and Anna Wintour pal Nicki Minaj dropped a video for her new single “I Am Your Leader” today, and it’s no less eye popping than we’ve come to expect from her, with the added bonus that it’s actually a good song. (Please stick to rapping, Nicki!) I love the colorful Tim Burton-esque backdrop, and it goes along perfectly with the whole “cute/kooky/scary” image she’s built for herself. She doesn’t wear that many different outfits in it, relatively speaking, but the ones she does wear are pretty memorable. Here are screen caps of all of them, plus some bonus ones of guests Rick Ross and Cam’ron. More »