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10 Of Our Favorite Female Empowering Hip Hop Artists

10 Of Our Favorite Female Empowering Hip Hop Artists

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Hip hop gets a bad rep. Look, while I’m the first person to say that it’s possible to like things that are problematic, I’ll also be the first person to call out any hip hop artists who are sexisthomophobic jerks with lyrics to match. But people act as if hip hop is the only medium in which that kind of behavior can fly. Nobody is calling out metal music for its violent lyrics about women, are they? Not really. And when I look back on some of the pop punk songs I used to love in my early teens, I can’t help but cringe at how sexist and slut shaming so many of the lyrics were. I shouldn’t even start to go into the number of indie rock artists out there who have been accused of committing actual abuse in real life. More »

The Most Offensive Lyrics From Music This Past Year

The Most Offensive Lyrics From Music This Past Year

There’s a new animated series called Chozen premiering tonight (at 10:30pm on FX) starring Bobby Moynihan as an aspiring rapper, freshly out of jail and eager to lay down some beats that are intentionally, comically offensive. It sounds like a pretty funny show, but after the year we’ve had in music, I think it’ll be tough for them to successfully parody those types of lyrics without verging into actually degrading territory.
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10 Must See Female Artists From Coachella’s Newly-Announced Lineup

10 Must See Female Artists From Coachella's Newly-Announced Lineup

As all you music festival lovers out there may know, Coachella just announced its 2014 lineup last night. As with many music (and film, and literary…) gatherings, Coachella can be a bit of a boys’ club. Nevertheless, there are plenty of amazing female musicians who will be putting on amazing acts that you should see, whether they’re solo acts or part of a group. Here are but a few of them. More »

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