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Gallery: 10 Reasons Why No-Shave November Should Not Exist

Gallery: 10 Reasons Why No-Shave November Should Not Exist

Both women’s and men’s health awareness is important. Finding a cure for prostate cancer is just as important as finding a cure for breast cancer and people should be aware of that. But here’s the problem: No-Shave November as the awareness campaign for men’s health, is not the way to do it. Facial hair (and I mean, thick, bushy, itchy facial hair … scruff is ok to an extent) is nasty. And what’s even worse is when guys who have difficulties growing facial hair try and practice no-shave November. No one likes to see patchy peach fuzz on a grown man. More »

Gallery: It’s November! Let’s Celebrate!

Gallery: It's November! Let's Celebrate!

Why is November the greatest month of them all? Because it’s the month of Thanksgiving, one of the best holidays ever. But did you also know there’s also plenty of other things to celebrate in November? November is National Peanut Butter Lovers month which is perfect because I am a national peanut butter lover! And to celebrate I will be eating all things peanut butter all day until December 1. Peanut butter cookies, cupcakes, Reese’s, sandwiches, ice cream, sushi and pad Thai (yep, there’s peanuts in it which makes it even better). But because there’s people out there who are ever so unfortunately allergic to peanuts, the holiday creating geniuses of the world are allowing us to celebrate these awesome things for the next 30 days of November. More »