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Party Favors: No More Selfie-Shaming

Party Favors: No More Selfie-Shaming

A psychologist makes the case for selfies: it’s not narcissism. -YourTango

Russia tries to ban sexy underwear. -Nerve

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Gallery: The Seven Kinds Of Self-Portraits Posted By Bloggers

Gallery: The Seven Kinds Of Self-Portraits Posted By Bloggers

Earlier today, Jennifer posted a gallery of your beautiful, cowardly faces, and I found it delightful. It was fun to see what some of our readers look like, and also to poke holes in the idea that going barefaced (something a lot of people do all the time, anyway) is enough to earn the stamp of “bravery.” But that’s not the only idea that deserves to have holes poked in it! There are many other disingenuous ways to post photos of oneself; here are seven of them. (Or rather, six plus one honest one.) And lest you accuse me of throwing stones from a glass house, I will admit to being guilty of most or all of them at some point in my life. After all, I’m using examples from my own collection. More »

Party Favors: Concerning Pornography

Party Favors: Concerning Pornography

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Party Favors: You Look Like Me? Let’s Bone!

Party Favors: You Look Like Me? Let's Bone!

Studies find that we’re attracted to people who look like us. Narcissism at its best! – YourTango

A beautiful video tidbit for the romantics out there… – Buzzfeed

…And some hilarity for the anti-romantics in the form of the 12 coolest anti-Valentine gifts. – Oddee

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Half of straight men will forgive their girlfriend’s infidelity… as long as it’s with another girl. Maybe this explains the male obsession with Katy Perry? – Reuters

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