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‘Operation Flush the Johns’ Aims To Humiliate Busted Patrons Of Sex Workers

'Operation Flush the Johns' Aims To Humiliate Busted Patrons Of Sex Workers

The month-long sting resulted in the arrests of men from all walks of life: lawyers, doctors, dentists, engineers, college professors and students, a stockbroker and a car salesman, with ages spanning 17-79. They were apprehended through an ad on (which, we’re now learning, is a haven for devil-may-care attitudes toward capitalization, as well as escorts). More »

9 Lies I’ve Told Since I Started Dating My Boyfriend

9 Lies I've Told Since I Started Dating My Boyfriend

Relationships involve a lot of patience, sacrifice, and white lies. Not just with each other, but everyone around you! I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years, and each year I add more lies onto the pile of deceit. I’ve found myself living some of these lies — about how we met and where we live — so openly that I get lost in the story and have to remind myself of the truth.

Read the nine lies I’ve told since I started dating and admit that you, too, have been lying your face off. More »

Pregnant? A Half-Hour Emergency.

Pregnant? A Half-Hour Emergency.

Sitting at brunch with my friend Meagan one day, we started talking about the differences between our 20s and 30s.

At the start of our 20s, our priorities were (and these are more or less in order) doing well at work, dancing until 4 a.m., karaoke, drinking, and trying to make a dollar from fifteen cents. As the years progressed, relationships started, burned, then fizzled. Friends who moved to New York with us moved back to Florida, went to L.A., or found another corner of the country to call home. Other, shall we say, acquaintances we only saw at 2 a.m. eventually stopped calling us, and us them. Apartment and roommate merry go-rounds slowed and settled.

Then we turned 30. More »