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Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Pal ‘Sydney Leathers’ Did A Bikini Photo Shoot For The New York Post

Anthony Weiner's Sexting Pal 'Sydney Leathers' Did A Bikini Photo Shoot For The New York Post

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no internet, you know that Sydney Leathers is not, in fact, the doorman at an exclusive gay BDSM club, but the woman to whom Anthony Weiner most recently sent pictures of his penis (that we know of). She is disgusted by “Carlos Danger” and his sext-scandal-having ways, but apparently not too disgusted to do a sexy bikini photo shoot for the official newspaper of classy people, The New York Post. More »

Ready-to-Click: Beyoncé Courts Countroversé

Ready-to-Click: Beyoncé Courts Countroversé

And that’s what my headlines would be like if I worked at The Post. Anyway: Beyonce had her skin darkened for an Africa-inspired L’Officiel shoot. -Jezebel

Rumor has it that Kate Moss will design her own wedding dress. -Catwalk Queen

Avon’s best selling fragrance goes to… Fergie? -Styleite

We are still talking about Dress Gate. -Fashionista

Australian models take over and More »