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The Viral News Of Tomorrow

The Viral News Of Tomorrow

As humanity launches itself into the flaming corona of the Future, the life cycle of trend pieces will grow shorter. Panicked, breathless headlines will proliferate in the news-swamps, grabbing hapless travelers and screaming them to their deaths. Everything you’re doing is wrong. You’re not having children until you’re 50 and when you do you they’re immediately sent to the spice mines to start paying off their future student loans. More »

Tiger Woods’ Publicist Writes an Essay for Newsweek

Tiger Woods' Publicist Writes an Essay for Newsweek

Tiger Woods and his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren have kept press interviews regarding the end of their marriage to a relative minimum (in other words, Tiger’s not out pulling a David Arquette and telling his crying-after-sex stories on the radio). Elin did one interview in People magazine and now Tiger has ‘penned’ a first person essay for Newsweek. In the essay, titled “How I’ve Redefined Victory,” he talks about how his golf achievements pale in comparison to the everyday joys of being a parent. More »