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Gallery: 14 Things I Should Probably Regret, But Don’t

Gallery: 14 Things I Should Probably Regret, But Don't

Just now, when trying to write a post about how I regret everything about my first job (especially the getting myself fired part, but also the letting myself be trapped in a job I hated part), I realized something: I don’t actually regret that at all. Sure, I might do things differently if I found myself in that situation today, but it taught me some important lessons that have informed how I’ve led my life since then. (Do you care? Should I write about these awful lessons tomorrow? Just thinking about it now is making my heart speed up.) Sifting through the rest of my life for regrets, I realized I feel much the same way about most of the “regrettable” things I’ve done. With the exception of the times I’ve hurt people other than myself, I regret none of them, because they helped make me the semi-functional adult I am today. Hence, I give you: 14 things I should probably regret, but don’t More »

I Remember Prom: I Didn’t Go

I Remember Prom: I Didn't Go

I wanted to write this for the girl or guy who was like me in high school with no interest in prom. “Prom season” can cause so much pressure to plan the “perfect evening” for what is, lets face it, a very insignificant night of your life. I wanted to let any girl or guy questioning going to prom know they don’t have to. More »