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Chasing Thirty: Make Amends

Chasing Thirty: Make Amends

When I was starting my list the better part of a year ago, one of the first things I added was ‘apologize to Jessica’. Jessica was one of my very best friends in high school; she was super smart, kind and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Some of my best teenage memories are with her. We sang in the choir together, double-dated on prom night and when I went halfway across the world to track down my first love, she went with me. We hadn’t spoken for almost ten years and I had always missed her. More »

Chasing Thirty: Bring Back the Landline

Chasing Thirty: Bring Back the Landline

When you’re approaching thirty, you find that for the first time your nostalgia is meaningful. Meaningful because you remember things from a legitimately bygone era and you’ve likely seen some major trends come and go. There’s a world that you knew that not only the children of today but also the nascent adult masses—the college co-eds and the interns—will never know. Take for instance the telephone. More »

Party Favors: Fanny Packs With Studs & Pleats?!

Party Favors: Fanny Packs With Studs & Pleats?!

Fanny packs? MORE LIKE FUNNY PACKS. -College Candy

Watership Down is fucking sad. -The Hairpin

The internet teaches empathy? -DoubleX

Delicious, excellent news: watermelon is good for sex. -YourTango

Urban Outfitters and their many shoes. -The Frisky

Essential gardening tools for beginners. -ShelterPop

Vogue does a seriously sloppy Photoshop job on the cast of Glee. -Styleite

Tubes are the next big trend in mascara. -Birchbox

Charlotte Ronson is getting in on the beauty game. -StyleList

7 philanthropic fashion brands. -The High Low

Who’s knocking off who? Steve Madden versus Old Navy. -The Budget Babe

Braided hairstyles actually possible to recreate at home. -Refinery29

Prep your veggies for the biggest beauty and health benefits. -YouBeauty

Party Favors: Things That Seem Impossible

Party Favors: Things That Seem Impossible

The internet teaches empathy? -DoubleX

What the location of your mess says about you. -ShelterPop

Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman: conventionally attractive men holding dogs. -The Frisky

Grown-up uses for beloved childhood toys. -College Candy

React, Pierce Brosnan! React to things! -The Hairpin

People still want Pippa Middleton‘s (allegedly fake) butt. -YourTango

Yes, please: 3 excellent braided styles you can actually do on your own. -Refinery29

Famous ladies can’t get enough of this $50 Express dress. -StyleList

Gilt Groupe is pivoting. The new direction is you paying full price. -The High Low

Robert Pattinson considers fashion design. -Styleite

Lauren Conrad‘s collection for Kohl’s has a lookbook. -The Budget Babe

Bags to bracelets: a chain accessory roundup. -Betty Confidential

The safety pin handle on this purse is crazy. -Poshglam

Keep your makeup healthy and clean. -YouBeauty

Tween Sex Scandals: Why Are Women Such Sluts?

Tween Sex Scandals: Why Are Women Such Sluts?

Editor-in-chief Jennifer Wright and I were having a conversation about some trivial bullshit and then, for whatever reason, the phrase “French kiss” was used. It seemed to occur to us simultaneously that we had not heard this phrase since middle school and the idea of the French kiss had not been provocative, titillating, or reputation-obliterating in about as long.

Back in the day, right around fifth or sixth grade, Jane French kissing John on the blacktop was a matter of enormous scandal. Here are some stories of our own awakening recognition of sexual activity: let TheGloss (and a few of our B5 buddies) transport you back in time when standards of decency were astronomically high and everyone was appalled by all this risky, slutty behavior. More »

Friday Style Icon: Samantha Parkington, American Girl Doll

Friday Style Icon: Samantha Parkington, American Girl Doll

We have American Girl dolls on the brain lately. If you were lucky enough as a kid to get stupidly expensive dolls, you were probably given the one with hair corresponding to your own. I was blonde so I got Kirsten Larson, whose life as a Swedish immigrant in harsh rurual Minnesota was kind of a bummer. I figured it would cheer her up if she knew how to skateboard and an afternoon of lessons resulted in her disfigurement, which goes to show you should never help anyone ever. Anyway, even if we had Felicity or Molly or whatever, we all knew rich girl Samantha had the best clothes. Here’s to Samantha. More »

Dr. Martens Launches A Clothing Line

Dr. Martens Launches A Clothing Line

The ’90s were everywhere at Fall 2011 NYFW, with plaid shirts (tied at the waist, even), square necks and chunky black platforms. It seems only natural, then, that venerable workboot brand Dr. Martens (synonmous with both ’90s grunge and ’70s punk) has announced the launch of its clothing line. Prices range from about $50 to about $100 while the pieces–like the brand’s iconic boots–are inspired by utilitarian British wookwear. Think big plaids, boxy More »

Ready-to-Click: Dolce & Gabbana May Have Landed the Dress of the Season

Ready-to-Click: Dolce & Gabbana May Have Landed the Dress of the Season

That white eyelet Dolce & Gabbana frock is becoming this season’s Balmain mini. -Stylite

Style icon showdown: Blake Lively vs. Leighton Meester. -The Frisky

Helping hints for trying out this tricky printed pants. -Refinery 29

The Outnet’s Stephanie Phair talks trends and dishes some tips for discount shoppers. -The Inside Source

Would you have said “Yes” to Jay Baruchel’s brusque proposal? -Betty Confidential

I will waste time anytime on round-ups of ’90s one hit wonders. -College Candy More »

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Has Happened

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Has Happened

A little of the Thierry Mugler tattoo flavor courtesy Nicola Formichetti. Classic budget 80′s fantasy movies (anyone else reminded of Krull?). Origin myth horseshit. Baby Gagas getting born (don’t worry it’s abstract) (but also abstractly gruesome!). A pre-packaged gay anthem. Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” All these things collide in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Still. We’re kind of charmed… More »

Friday Style Icon: Liv Tyler & Her Co-Workers From ‘Empire Records’

Friday Style Icon: Liv Tyler & Her Co-Workers From 'Empire Records'

Empire Records is just a feast of a guilty pleasure, isn’t it? It was perfect for us ’90s kids who were too young to work in record stores but dreamed of how cool it would be–if we ever got that fantasy job selling CDs, we’d just crush on Oasis and listen to Better Than Ezra and the Gin Blossoms all day. Or so we thought at age 12. Anyway, Liv Tyler looked so pretty, Robin Tunney was so tortured, Ethan Embry sent so many teenage hearts aflutter and Brendan Sexton III was in it. But everything comes together in the end. More »