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Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown Findlay Regrets Topless Scene

Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay Regrets Topless Scene

Most of the time when celebrities talk, I don’t expect things I will care about to come out of their mouths. Things that annoy me, sure; things that excite me a little, maybe. Things that genuinely concern me for the person speaking? Those are rare indeed, but Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown Findlay revealed something regarding her 2011 topless scene that caught my attention and kept me thinking for a while prior to writing this. More »

I Went To A Playboy Casting Call – Here’s What Happens

I Went To A Playboy Casting Call - Here's What Happens

Back in the days before computers were really important, I sent actual photographs and a letter to Playboy. They liked me enough to send me a real letter on real Playboy letterhead paper asking me for more photos. I thought this was kind of cool. So I sent them some more photos, and they wrote me back a very kind rejection letter saying that I’d be kept on file for future consideration. I never heard from them again. Then I became completely distracted pursuing things that didn’t involve me being nude in magazines and forgot all about it.

Until I heard about most recent Playboy’s Casting Call being held in New York City. More »

The Biggest Failures Of Social Media Flirting

The Biggest Failures Of Social Media Flirting

I miss the days of a/s/l. Life was simpler back when we could pour our hearts out in our AOL Instant Messenger profiles, cyber sex with strangers in chat rooms, and attract lovers in the corners of the message boards.

But times have changed. If you want to flirt online, you’ve got to harness the power of social media. Facebook, Twitter and their cohorts allow instant communication with anyone we’re crushing on. It’s a blessing if you’re a photogenic writer. But it’s also a breeding ground for bad decisions and awkward rejections.
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