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Friday Style Icon: Peg & Kelly Bundy Of Married…With Children

Friday Style Icon: Peg & Kelly Bundy Of Married...With Children

Married…With Children was a cool show because it aimed for ugly authenticity in a time of sitcoms about child geniuses and togetherness and bullshit. Married… With Children was all about oppressive workdays and jello salad and chainsmoking and not being sexually attracted to your spouse anymore and being an embittered shell of a person (and belly tops!). I watched the hell out of this show growing up (because it came on before or after The Simpsons) and it was great. Peg and Kelly’s outsized, tacky style both lend themselves to excellent Halloween costumes, too, so here we go! More »

Fear of Intimacy: A Hug Is Not a Hello

Fear of Intimacy: A Hug Is Not a Hello

It was sometime around junior high that I started to notice a trend. It was never directed at me (at the time anyway) but I remember thinking it was really, really weird. Now, forgive me for this bit of horrible cliche, but it was the popular girls who did it: they hugged each other as a greeting. As in, they’d walk up to each other on the blacktop and embrace, even though they’d seen each other in some form or another all day. It was a hug as if to say, “Hello. It is lunchtime now.” This struck me as significant even though it seemed like everything these girls did was part of a hollow, decorous routine. Though it is not their fault More »

Friday Style Icon: Liv Tyler & Her Co-Workers From ‘Empire Records’

Friday Style Icon: Liv Tyler & Her Co-Workers From 'Empire Records'

Empire Records is just a feast of a guilty pleasure, isn’t it? It was perfect for us ’90s kids who were too young to work in record stores but dreamed of how cool it would be–if we ever got that fantasy job selling CDs, we’d just crush on Oasis and listen to Better Than Ezra and the Gin Blossoms all day. Or so we thought at age 12. Anyway, Liv Tyler looked so pretty, Robin Tunney was so tortured, Ethan Embry sent so many teenage hearts aflutter and Brendan Sexton III was in it. But everything comes together in the end. More »