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President Obama Talks Tattoos With Ellen, Proves He’s Not A Regular President, He’s A Cool President

President Obama Talks Tattoos With Ellen, Proves Heâs Not A Regular President, Heâs A Cool President

It was announced yesterday that President Obama would be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show via satellite today. Through the power of pre-taping, we can already watch his interview before the episode even airs on TV today. Isn’t the Internet a magical and wondrous place? It’s like predicting the future. Speaking of magical and wondrous things, let’s talk for the millionth time about Ellen’s wizardly ability to get a cool interview out of literally anyone, even the President of the United States, who’s supposed to be all serious and stuff. More »

7 Things To Do After You Vote

7 Things To Do After You Vote

If you so choose to vote, whether it’s for Obama, Romney (please don’t) or any other candidate, you will probably breathe a sigh filled with a combination of anxiety and relief. The tension will come with fears of the election not going your way; the relief will be a result of knowing that instead of approximately eight million political TV campaigns, Internet ads and lawn signs, we can all go back to Sham-Wow infomercials and porn pop-ups. Finally. More »