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Can Men Dress “Slutty” In The Office?

Can Men Dress "Slutty" In The Office?

A study was done wherein a woman was asked to read a piece of paper, first in a turtleneck and slacks, then in a miniskirt, a tank top and high heels. Those observing her were asked to guess her IQ, where she went to college and whether she’d be a good employee.

Unsurprisingly, the woman scored higher in the turtleneck.

Because her brain was better supported by the wool. More »

10 Ways to Date a Coworker Without Being Creepy

10 Ways to Date a Coworker Without Being Creepy

You’re ugly, awkward and weird but you really like Alex from accounting. While you don’t intend on sexually harassing anyone, you know you’ve got to figure out a surefire way to show your true feelings without complicating your career. What if Alex is the one? What if your boss finds out? What if someone catches you naked in the bathroom stall?

Here’s how you can date a coworker without being creepy, losing your job, or getting sued. More »

Design: Inspiration for Studios

Design: Inspiration for Studios

Granted, this studio is only used as a workspace. But I know that when I lived in a studio, I was constantly resisting (and often failing to resist) the urge to cram every corner full of stuff in an attempt to make it look and feel like something more than it was.

But there’s beauty in small spaces, friends More »