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Great Beauty Buys To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

Great Beauty Buys To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

Fall/Winter may be the most exciting season for fashion, but it wreaks absolute havoc on your beauty routine. Just when you start thinking cool coats, boots and sweaters can provide all you need when the temperature drops…the cold air kicks in. Suddenly, your skin’s all flaky, your lips are chapped, your cuticles are dry, you’ve got hat head from that supposedly fashionable knit cap and, yup, you still have to slather yourself in sunscreen even though it’s dark before you leave the office. More »

Karl Lagerfeld Designed A Special Collection For Net-a-Porter

Karl Lagerfeld Designed A Special Collection For Net-a-Porter

Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t sleep: between his many designing duties (Chanel, Fendi, Lagerfeld) and collaborations (Macy’s Impulse), the man’s also a full-time fashion photographer, makes everything from wine labels to perfumes and has to devote an hour or two a day to hating ugly children. Still, he managed to fire off another collection: this time for online shopping powerhouse Net-A-Porter.
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Ready-To-Click: Beauty Queens Can’t Catch A Break

Ready-To-Click: Beauty Queens Can't Catch A Break

Teenage beauty queen stripped of crown due to weight gain. -Styleite

Can you fake a little surgical help with good beauty products? -Refinery29

Power through the dog days of summer, beautifully. -YouBeauty

eBay is launching an online outlet mall. -The High Low

Bring your beauty from day to night in a few easy steps. -Birchbox

Mila Kunis was ladylike in dots. -Betty Confidential

The cool, eye-catching handbags of Wilbur & Gussie. -Poshglam

Lauren Conrad pairs a floral print with leather leggings. -The Budget Babe

Topshop Removes Image Of ‘Size 0′ Teen Model Amidst Criticism From Eating Disorder Support Groups

Topshop Removes Image Of 'Size 0' Teen Model Amidst Criticism From Eating Disorder Support Groups

Topshop took down the above image of 18-year-old model Codie Young after a hailstorm of criticism from anorexia support groups claiming the image would encourage disordered eating in teenage girls. Topshop (and Young herself) insist she is naturally slim but the chain removed the image and swapped it with another, in which Young’s figure is obscured by a coat. The chain defends itself and Codie responds. More »

Party Favors: Paris Versus New York

Party Favors: Paris Versus New York

A “tally of two cities” in bright graphic drawings by Vahram Muratyan. -ShelterPop

Public service announcement: delicious ideas for leftover wine. -The Hairpin

A startup called Suddenlee adds “human touch” to online shopping. -The High Low

There’s more to shoplifting than you think. -MyDaily

The pause that saves a relationship. -YourTango

Harrods saleswoman forced to quiet after refusing to wear makeup. -Styleite

Celebrities and girls in Brooklyn alike are all about crop tops right now. -Betty Confidential

House‘s Hugh Laurie is now the face of L’Oreal. -StyleList

Terrifying sidenote: pigeons never forget this. -Refinery29

A sunscreen cheatsheet, from easy application to sensitive skin. -Birchbox

Top 10 dorm essentials (you’ve never heard of). -College Candy

10 summer cocktail dresses. -The Frisky

Party Favors: How Shia LaBeouf Is A Gentlemen’s Wager

Party Favors: How Shia LaBeouf Is A Gentlemen's Wager

A personal reflection on the idea of Shia LeBeouf. -The Hairpin

Important: what’s the best kind of shirt for men to wear on a date? -How About We

Startup reinvents online shopping. -The High Low

Are you a helicopter parent? -Double X

A living room with a pool. Seriously. -ShelterPop

What you need for a fresh summer face: illuminator and a bright, matte lip. -Birchbox

The truth about sexual chemistry. -YourTango

Does living together save couples money? -MyDaily

NYC’s latest major beauty (and wellness) detsination. -Refinery29

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Lindsay Lohan’s style evolution. -StyleList

Rachel Bilson wore Line & Dot. -Betty Confidential

Ready-To-Click: Still Preoccupied With Nails

Ready-To-Click: Still Preoccupied With Nails

Arguably the most major trend in summer nails is this. -Refinery29

Lady Gaga has panda face on Japanese television. -Styleite

Johnny Weir and Brad Goreski hit the red carpet in…. shorts. -StyleList

A guide to achieving that all-important “natural looking” coverage. -Birchbox

Daily deal sites sure are getting… specific. -The High Low

Things Lindsay Lohan Knows (By Now) (Hopefully): Kombucha and 7 other things you should avoid before a drug test. -The Frisky

Ready-To-Click: Life After The O.C.

Ready-To-Click: Life After The O.C.

In addition to hawking Magnum ice cream with Karl Lagerfeld, Rachel Bilson does this. -Styleite

Apparently online flash sales don’t just benefit your wallet. -The High Low

Testing New York’s ballet-inspired workouts. -Birchbox

The Olsen twins have launched a new online fashion venture, Stylemint. -The Frisky

This messy style is all over red carpets and glossies. -Betty Confidential

Attend a summer wedding on the cheap with these dresses under $20. -College Candy

Meryl Streep’s style evolution. -StyleList