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Dear Kaiser: I Only Fake Orgasms

Dear Kaiser: I Only Fake Orgasms

We replicated Karl Lagerfeld and have his clone locked in the basement with only one valet. We can’t guarantee that this is exactly what the first Karl would advise, but we think it comes fairly close. This week, a reader from the West Coast is fretting about how to tell her boyfriend she’s been faking orgasms… for months. More »

Would It Be More Fun To Be Skinny And Sexless or Overweight And Orgasmic?

Would It Be More Fun To Be Skinny And Sexless or Overweight And Orgasmic?

The New York Post says that most women would rather be celibate for a year than sexually satisfied and overweight. For myself, I would rather be skinny and incredibly sexually satisfied. Like Grace Kelly! But Grace Kelly with a little more oomph, you know? Oomph. (Boobies). I would like to look like Grace Kelly and spend the entire day with my lover, who left his career as an English professor to be a billionaire. I would like to lie on the beach with him and have him give me a book where all the words are raised, like in braille, but raised with diamonds. And while he is doing that I will just run my fingers over my ribs, counting them, because I am so skinny. And then I want to eat peanut butter pie, because I want the skinny to be effortless. And then I would like us to do it like the marmosets do on The Discovery Channel.

That is what I would like.

Ashley doesn’t care, but Ashley just hates sex. More »

Party Favors: Love at First Sight

Party Favors: Love at First Sight

Los Angeles lawmakers are trying to pass an ordinance that would require all porn actors to use condoms on set. – New York Times

More men than women believe in love at first sight. That must be because they didn’t poll any women who have ever looked at a picture of Tom Hardy. – MyDaily

This is an article about men making sure that women have orgasms. We’d suggest printing it out and “accidentally” leaving in your boyfriend’s briefcase. – AOL Health

One of you wants sex all the time, the other one could care less. There’s not an app for that, but there is a video. – YourTango

Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, are reportedly back on. Or she’s just angling for a front-row seat at the royal wedding. Either way, good call. – Betty Confidential

What’s the best way to choose a Valentine’s Day gift? Passive-agressively. Generic card from CVS, anyone? – Crushable More »

Video: ‘Orgasm, Inc’ Examines the Quest for the Female Viagra

Video: 'Orgasm, Inc' Examines the Quest for the Female Viagra

Filmmaker Liz Canner took a job editing erotic videos. Sounds normal, right? It turns out that the videos were to be used by a pharmaceutical company as part of a focus group for a drug they were working on – a possible “Viagra for women.” The project led Canner on a mission to find out whether pharmaceutical companies, including the one she worked for, were exploiting female sexuality to make money. More »

Party Favors: Three Hours of Pleasure

Party Favors: Three Hours of Pleasure

What do boxers wear? Briefs, obviously. – The Frisky

The average man experiences three total hours’ worth of orgasms in their entire lives. – Times of India

If you could “order” a guy online like you could order groceries? The website works on that very premise. But can I get a side of garlic mashed potatoes? – Betty Confidential

You should treat your man like a Chrismas cookie. Um… edible? – YourTango

The most important category that the Oscars ignore: here’s a list of the five best sex/seduction scenes from films in 2010. – The Hollywood Reporter More »