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The 10 Worst Women On The Internet

The 10 Worst Women On The Internet

After revealing the 10 worst men on the internet, I think it’s only fair that I take a stab at the ladies. Thanks for creating equality, Lilly Ledbetter.

Over-sharers will always irk the online masses, but unlike the OkCupid pervs and LinkedIn abusers I discovered in my News Feed, women seem to obsess about kids, pins, and food. Here are the worst kinds of women on the web. I just hope you’re not one of these, or you can just go ahead and unfriend me right now. Go on, I’ll wait. More »

What’s So Bad About ‘Oversharing’, Anyway?

What's So Bad About 'Oversharing', Anyway?

There’s been a lot of noise made of late about all the “oversharing” young people (especially young writers) are doing these days, and how it’s bad and scary. The idea goes, I guess, that if the content of a story is inspired by one’s own life, that story loses validity as a work of fiction (why? It just does!), and by the way, does your mother know what you’ve been up to? I’m here to tell you why this idea is intellectually baseless, and also that I will not get off your lawn. More »

A Mom’s Guide to Social Networking

A Mom's Guide to Social Networking

Today’s young mothers have a lot of difficult decisions to make: work or stay at home, bottle or breast milk, free-range or attachment. For me, I find that it’s a balancing act. From the very beginning, I realized that the easiest way for me was to combine all those mothering philosophies into something usable. It resulted with Brenna learning to love both fresh fruits and french fries. She really is her mother’s daughter. More »

Gallery: Top 10 Celebrity Oversharers

Gallery: Top 10 Celebrity Oversharers

Celebrities have to share things about their lives because that’s just a part of their job. But I’m pretty sure the job description of “celebrity” doesn’t entail telling everyone about the inner workings of your sex lives or your political views or really anything that’s TMI. Why can’t every celebrity be as classy as Natalie Portman and George Clooney? More »