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Are You In A Bad Relationship? You Don’t Know? Here Is A Chart.

Are You In A Bad Relationship? You Don't Know? Here Is A Chart.

There are a lot of articles online about how to tell if you’re in a good or bad relationship. All of those articles are bullshit. If you are confused about whether or not you should be sticking with a relationship, this is the only chart you need. Unless you have facial paralysis and only frown. Then I guess you just need to be able to interpret your own feelings. Incidentally, I modeled the girl in the chart off of you, sorry you don’t have eyebrows. More »

Design: Color Inspiration

Design: Color Inspiration

If you’ve been staring at your white walls for months (or even years…yes, you) wondering what color to paint them, allow me to suggest that you pay a visit to the Home Depot website, where you can try different paint colors out and see how they would look on walls.

I’m sure that there’s some variation in how these hues look online and how they look in real life, but playing around with different ideas will still get you motivated. More »