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Facebook Language for Moms

Facebook Language for Moms

Lately, I’ve noticed some of my friends who are moms curbing their language on Facebook. It usually happens when their kids are around two — a.k.a., old enough for them to have had a mishap in which their little cherub drops the f-bomb, and they realize that there’s only one way they could have learned that kind of language.

Anyway, it’s sort of amusing to watch my friends turn into real-life parents, not just people with adorable little 10-pound accessories that cry and sleep and shit. Here are a few words and phrases that could indicate that you, too, are going mom*: More »

‘Real World: New Orleans’ Star Delivers Baby On the Side of the Road

'Real World: New Orleans' Star Delivers Baby On the Side of the Road

If you remember The Real World: New Orleans (not the recent “back to New Orleans” season, which we’re never speaking of again), you’ll remember Matt Smith, the cast member who was equally devoted to his skateboarding and his Christianity. Matt, now 31, has since married and is enrolled in an MBA program at the University of Arizona. And now he’s back in the news again – this time because he helped deliver his own daughter. More »