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Coed Baby Showers Are A Hundred Times Better Than Girls-Only Baby Showers

Coed Baby Showers Are A Hundred Times Better Than Girls-Only Baby Showers

Am I the only one brave enough to say that girls-only baby showers are a total drag? I know that girl-exclusive baby showers are as old as time, but this is the new millennium, people. The more I observe in my social circles and on social media, the more I see coed baby showers popping up as an alternative to snooze-worthy ladies brunch showers, and I welcome the change with open arms. More »

Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing A ‘Guantanamo Party’ For Coachella

Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing A 'Guantanamo Party' For Coachella

What is it with people these days choosing to push boundaries with party themes? Sometimes, these ideas are playful and fun. It’s lovely. Sometimes, these ideas are terrible; for example, that sorority from Penn State who assumed all Mexicans are impoverished drug addicts. Not so lovely, and that is why they were publicly ridiculed.

Of course, not everybody learns the “be creative, not cruel” rule when it comes to parties; now, Flaunt magazine wants in on the good ol’ racist action, too. More »

Here Are Some Styles I Encountered Over The Weekend

Here Are Some Styles I Encountered Over The Weekend

So it’s no secret around these parts that I attend a decent number of social and cultural gatherings, especially on the weekend. Often, the people at said gatherings are wearing “cool outfits” which they have picked out for themselves. Hence, in the interest of fashion journalism, I will now be taking pictures of some of these outfits and posting them every Monday. Some of the subjects are people I know, others are friends I haven’t met yet, but you can bet that pretty much all of them are having a good time.

Note: I apologize in advance for the quality of these photos…I’m going to obtain a real camera this week…but in the meantime, I hope you will consider their “lo-fi” quality a part of their gritty, Brooklyn charm. More »

How To Throw A Bitchin’ Ass Party

How To Throw A Bitchin' Ass Party

I love throwing parties. Ever since I moved into my first tiny apartment on 121st and Amsterdam, I’ve endeavored to bring people together and make them have as much fun as space and noise ordinances will allow. Since then, I’ve graduated to larger and more elaborate productions, from dance parties in my giant loft apartment I shared with five other people, to full-on dirty basement after hours decadence. I’m far from perfect at it, and I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two since that first crowded party nine years ago during which my male friends decided to play “touch the pipe” with the exposed heating element in my kitchen. Hence, I give you: 14 road tested tips for throwing a party people will remember for the rest of their lives. More »