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How To Throw A Bitchin’ Ass Party

How To Throw A Bitchin' Ass Party

I love throwing parties. Ever since I moved into my first tiny apartment on 121st and Amsterdam, I’ve endeavored to bring people together and make them have as much fun as space and noise ordinances will allow. Since then, I’ve graduated to larger and more elaborate productions, from dance parties in my giant loft apartment I shared with five other people, to full-on dirty basement after hours decadence. I’m far from perfect at it, and I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two since that first crowded party nine years ago during which my male friends decided to play “touch the pipe” with the exposed heating element in my kitchen. Hence, I give you: 14 road tested tips for throwing a party people will remember for the rest of their lives. More »

A Real PR Person Tells Us How To Sneak Into Fashion Week Events

A Real PR Person Tells Us How To Sneak Into Fashion Week Events

Part of why I hated covering fashion week last year (and why I’m fleeing the state during most of it this year) was because my name was frequently not on the list when it was supposed to be. This was annoying because I was not there for fun, but work, and it forced me to scramble to make up for lost time/money. Eventually I gave up and just started writing about shows I hadn’t even gotten into, which was actually more fun, to be honest. But let’s say that you, unlike me, still want to go to events you’re not on the list for. Perhaps you’re not even supposed to be on the list! Here are some tips on how to do that, courtesy of a real, live PR person who would prefer to remain anonymous. More »

Gallery: 10 Things To Do During This Weekend’s SuperMoon

Gallery: 10 Things To Do During This Weekend's SuperMoon

Look out, folks, there’s a SuperMoon a-risin’ and let me tell you, when SuperMoon is high in the sky, you’d best watch out for strange and unnatural happenings.

Just kidding, SuperMoon poses no threat and just wants you to have a good time. Here are some things I suggest you do during this wacky lunar event, during which the moon will look a whopping 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a normal full moon. More »

Gallery: Nicki Minaj And Prince Looked Amazing At The Versace For H&M Launch Party

Gallery: Nicki Minaj And Prince Looked Amazing At The Versace For H&M Launch Party

As Ashley discussed earlier today, last night’s Versace x H&M runway show was a showcase for fashions good and bad. As a show of good faith and/or sycophancy, a lot of celebrities tried to wear the collection of the hour, but not everyone could pull it off. Luckily, both Nicki Minaj and Prince were on hand to show everyone how Versace is worn, even as they were entertaining them in song. Multitasking! More »

Gallery: Photos From Heidi Klum’s NYC Halloween Bash

Gallery: Photos From Heidi Klum's NYC Halloween Bash

Last night, Heidi Klum threw the second of her two impressive Halloween bashes at the fancy pants Dream Hotel in NYC. You probably weren’t invited. It’s cool, we weren’t either. Luckily, there are pictures all over the Internet already, so we can still laugh over how pathetic everyone else’s attempts at “costumes” looked in comparison to Klum’s elaborate monkey suit. Just kidding, pretty much everyone looked great but no one beat Heidi. Honorable mention goes to Amber Rose, The Blonds, and a few Project Runway alums. More »