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Party Favors: Y’all Know You Want Sushi Donuts

Party Favors: Y'all Know You Want Sushi Donuts

Sushi donuts are the new ‘cupcakes that grossly resemble real food.’ -The Frisky

Forbes’ most powerful women are brilliant geeks-Bust

Because you’re not worth it: embracing our inner averageness-Sadie

An interview with the director of the Tucker Max play. -Flavorwire

Breakfast with porn star Joanna Angel. -Nerve

Is Ryan Gosling’s new movie misogynistic? Do we still love him? -The Stir

5 Cool ladies coming to your television screen this fall. -Double X

Jennifer Lawrence nearly caught fire. -Betty Confidential

Is makeup in the summer a thing? -Ladyish

The pros and cons of buying a house with a friend. -Money Crashers

Rooney Mara is the new face of Calvin Klein. -ET Online

All the cool kids are watching porn. -Your Tango

All about lentils. -The Hairpin

5 Tips for dating while highly allergic. -The Frisky

Haunting photos of people running from unseen dangers. -Flavorwire

How to DIY a floral crown, like some kind of wood nymph. -Bust

Party Favors: Style Tips For Holiday Parties

Party Favors: Style Tips For Holiday Parties

Is this national anthem rendition ruining your life? – The Hairpin

Hugh Jackman the most romantic man in Hollywood? -YourTango

Some seriously stupid sex myths. – The Frisky

Pregnancy doesn’t mean battle of the sexes. – Double X

Playboy inspired Halloween Costumes. – College Candy

Karl Lagerfeld launching new low price line. -Styleite

Secret to successful relationships. -YouBeauty

Get this Rachel Bilson inspired look. – The Budget Babe

Who is this model turned editor?- Stylelist

 Vogue Italia launches wiki-style Fashion Encyclopedia. – The High Low

Style tips for the holiday party season. – Refinery 29

Faux fur hats of the season. – PoshGlam

The right red lipstick for you. – Birchbox

Miss Piggy gets a MAC makeover. -Betty Confidential


Party Favors: Survive The Walk Of Shame

Party Favors: Survive The Walk Of Shame

Wine drinkers unite – Double X

Survive the walk of shameYourTango

Stunning centerpiecesShelterpop

Insecurities and awkward encountersThe Hairpin

Ralph Lauren garden party – Styleite

Inspiring up-dos from Fashion WeekRefinery 29

Outrageous photos of Fashion Week – StyleList

Mossimo Fall look book. – The Budget Babe

London fashion college – TheHighLow

Stylish pregnant celebs – Betty Confidential

J. Mendel: grunge over glam – Birchox

Party Favors:Tips For Dating A Broke Guy

Party Favors:Tips For Dating A Broke Guy

Sarah Palin a victim? – Double X

Dating a broke guy – YourTango

Cushy pet bed – Shelterpop

Disliking self-pleasure – College Candy

Animals in hats – The Hairpin

Maria Menounos’ makeup routine Allure Beauty

Nicki Minaj wearing a knock-off? – Styleite

Top 20 looks from Fashion Week 2011Refinery 29

Favorite trends for Fall - StyleList

Michelle Obama honoring top designers – TheHighLow

Things to know about Mia Wasikowska- Betty Confidential

Target‘s epic fail – The Budget Babe

Save or splurge on skin-care products – YouBeauty

Lippy for fall – Birchbox

Party Favors: Tom Ford Doing The Damn Thing

Party Favors: Tom Ford Doing The Damn Thing

Tom Ford’s Womenswear Debuts on Madison Ave – Racked

Fifteen women who have changed our love lives – YourTango

Body types renamed from fruit to Old Master artists – The Hairpin

Standing up for activism as a woman in college – College Candy

Texas politicians want to make rape victims hear and see the fetus before abortion – The Frisky

Barbie Foosball. Enough said. – Crushable

10 Celebs to follow on Twitter. – Socialite Life More »

Party Favors: I’m Married To Superman

Party Favors: I'm Married To Superman

Remember that congressman who resigned over his Craigslist personals ad? Well, it turns out it might not just have been women he was hunting for… – Gawker

This couple’s cartoon wedding included such spectacular moments as the bride, who was Jessica Rabbit, walking down the aisle to the tune of the Star Wars theme. Now THAT’S dedication. – The Daily Mail

Notable: all the upheaval concerning Planned Parenthood and reproductive health. This has been all over the news recently; check this out and stay informed. – College Candy

A woman in Beijing posted a nude video of her 26-year-old daughter on the internet. Arranged marriage superplan? Or icky pimping-out of offspring? – Nerve

Whose sweatpants are YOU wearing? – The College Crush More »

Party Favors: My Love Is A Red, Red One-Night Stand

Party Favors: My Love Is A Red, Red One-Night Stand

Who needs oysters when you’ve got Coke? – My Daily

Your spouse can be your best friend, but you still need a girlfriend. Or a bromance. Whatever the choice, you need one, and here’s why. – YourTango

He Said/She Said: How do you handle “making it official”? – College Candy

Bigger boobs at the pull of a string? Somehow this seems unsettling like turning a set of breasts into a See & Say… – The Hairpin Best. Church-run. Website. EVER. – Nerve

Single? We’ve got a love poem for that. Comfortable settled? We’ve got a love poem for that, too. Heck, we’ve got love poems for every romantic situation you can think of. – HowAboutWe
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Party Favors: You Really Don’t Have To Make Things So Complicated, Avril Lavigne

Party Favors: You Really Don't Have To Make Things So Complicated,  Avril Lavigne

How much sharing is too much? Hint: Not everyone feels the same way about leaving the bathroom door open while taking care of business. – AOL Health

It’s Oscar week! Should the nominees for Best Actress be worried about the Best Actress Curse? – YourTango

A New Zealand radio station is offering a Ukranian mail-order bride as a prize in a contest. And this is different from sex trafficking how…? – The Frisky

It’s (really not that) Complicated. Really. – College Candy

Happy belated Lady Porn Day! – My Daily

Biggest news item of the day: Obama declares the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional; the Department of Justice will no longer defend it. Victory dance! – Buzzfeed More »

Party Favors: Riding the Subway Pantsless in Taiwan

Party Favors: Riding the Subway Pantsless in Taiwan

The sex ring may be both practical and a fashion statement, but would you wear it? – The Frisky

To marry or not to marry your college sweetheart: that is the question. – Betty Confidential

When you change your relationship status on Facebook, all of your Friends can see it. All of them. Even your mom, your ex, your random hookup from New Years’ 2006… Is it possible that some of those “friends” could try to sabotage your new relationship? – YourTango

No makeup? No problem. Imperfections are hot too! – HowAboutWe

The No Pants Subway Ride has become a global phenomenon. Rejoice in your pantslessness! – Buzzfeed More »

Party Favors: Amazonian She-Predators From Mars!

Party Favors: Amazonian She-Predators From Mars!

Sex is awesome. Migraines are not. Migraines caused by sex? No good at all, but unfortunately real. – Jezebel

Raise your hands if you’ve ever played dumb for a guy (or girl)! – The Frisky

Can girls pop the question too? – YourTango

Facebook adds “In a civil union” and ‘In a domestic partnership” options to its Relationship Status feature. Win! – MyDaily

We may not actually need to worry about Amazonian She-Predators, but maybe we should make a pact promising not to hit on taken individuals. – HowAboutWe More »

Party Favors: Condom Couture

Party Favors: Condom Couture

Checking out someone’s badonkadonk? Surprise! You’re on Candid Camera! – Urlesque

Sue Johanson is the new Dr. Ruth. And guess what? She says nice girls DO do that! – College Candy

We’ve all been hearing about the phenomenon of women trying to get pregnant without their partners’ knowledge; but apparently men have been known to tamper with birth control, too. – Betty Confidential

Seasons of love: which is sexier, summer or winter? – YourTango

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus– or are they? – The Huffington Post
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Party Favors: There’s An App For That

Party Favors: There's An App For That

Remember your first time in a sex shop? – Betty Confidential

Cologne “secret ingredient” could be damaging sperm. So apparently men can either smell good or have properly marching soldiers, but not both? – AOL Health

This “anti-dating” online dating site thinks winking is so last year. An ass pinch just sounds so much more exciting. Or creepy. Take your pick. – YourTango

So Barbie apparently took Ken back after having been broken up with him for seven years. But not everyone is that happy about it… – HowAboutWe

Need a condom? There’s an app for that. – Reuters More »

Party Favors: How To Make Your Unmentionables Smell Like Violets

Party Favors: How To Make Your Unmentionables Smell Like Violets

According to Dr. J. Rutgers, “If… small traces of oil of turpentine are swallowed or even inhaled the urine will assume a pleasant odour of violets.” Gee, turn-of-the-century sex was weird! – The Hairpin

Sting and the Police had it right: Hearts beat in synchronicity when we’re in love. – Your Tango

The rules of the dating game according to JWow. Reliable source: Yea or nay? – My Daily

Here’s a list of 6 frequently-committed bedroom faux pas. Got any to add? – College Candy

What better way to protest heightened security than by drawing a 220ft-long penis on a drawbridge? – Buzzfeed

The good; the bad; the really, REALLY bitter: Valentine’s Day according to Craigslist! – Nerve More »

Party Favors: Hobo Killer! Qu’est-Ce Que C’est!

Party Favors: Hobo Killer! Qu'est-Ce Que C'est!

A date with a hobo killer: Fun? Or utterly, utterly terrifying? – The Frisky

Loving more than one partner may not be the norm; but maybe the norm is overrated. – YourTango

In the great “Casablanca” of life, there are Rick Blaines and there are Victor Laszlos. Who do you root for, and does this mean that we’re living in a Post-Romantic age?- The Huffington Post

When discussing ladybits, the letter “j” shouldn’t really be coming into play. We’re all grownups here, right? – Betty Confidential

The early-20s dry spell: fact or fiction? – The College Crush

Congressman resigns from the House of Representatives after shirtless photo appears on Craigslist personals. Man, that Craigslist sure knows how to have a good time! – Buzzfeed More »