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Party Favors: Doing It for Science

Party Favors: Doing It for Science

Scientific Method, meet Craigslist Personals. Everyone acquainted? Then let’s begin… – Nerve

How do men think? Take a trip inside the twisting, turning corridors of the male mind. – AOL Health

Turn the stereo off IMMEDIATELY if one of these five songs ever claws its horrifying way forth. – HowAboutWe

Man trying to sell his couch accidentally sexts 9-year-old. Guess that’s one way to sell a couch… – Buzzfeed

Wondering why it’s so hard to date in New York? It may not be “them.” – The Village Voice

Hey, guess what? Most people aren’t telepathic. Solution? Talk to each other! – The College Crush More »

Party Favors: Is That a Meme in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Party Favors: Is That a Meme in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl break up. Girl gets revenge by turning boy into a humiliating meme. – Gawker

Not into Valentine’s Day, but not into hating on it either? Celebrate Just Because Day instead. Just, you know… because. – YourTango

For the last. time: playing with Barbies will NOT “turn your son gay.” – The Frisky

Women who are looked on as sexual objects = women who are not so good at math? – The Hairpin

Life as a human blow-up doll: or, tales of a New York mistress. – My Daily More »

Party Favors: The Mona Lisa Is Smiling Just For You

Party Favors: The Mona Lisa Is Smiling Just For You

To call him or not to call him: that is the question. – Betty Confidential

It’s possible that “Mona Lisa” was actually Da Vinci’s boyfriend. Maybe THAT’S what she’s (he’s?) been smiling about for all these years. – Jezebel

Once upon a time there was a Roman named Valentine who was beaten to death with clubs. We now commemorate this event by consuming large amounts of chocolate. – HowAboutWe

The new Spider-Man costume is doing wonders for Andrew Garfield. – Socialite Life

How do guys and girls learn about sex differently? Girls chat with each other. Guys watch porn. But these two methods may not be as mutually exclusive as it might seem. – The College Crush acquires OKCupid. The big question on everyone’s mind: does this mean we’re going to have to pay for our internet hookups now? – YourTango More »

Party Favors: You Look Like Me? Let’s Bone!

Party Favors: You Look Like Me? Let's Bone!

Studies find that we’re attracted to people who look like us. Narcissism at its best! – YourTango

A beautiful video tidbit for the romantics out there… – Buzzfeed

…And some hilarity for the anti-romantics in the form of the 12 coolest anti-Valentine gifts. – Oddee

How do you feel about the rules of “returning the favor?” – College Candy

Half of straight men will forgive their girlfriend’s infidelity… as long as it’s with another girl. Maybe this explains the male obsession with Katy Perry? – Reuters

7 sex-themed videos that are better than “S&M.” Get your freak on. – Socialite Life More »

Party Favors: Suspended From The Ceiling In A Twirling Banana

Party Favors: Suspended From The Ceiling In A Twirling Banana

Is chivalry dead? Do knights errant still wander the lands rescuing fair maidens? Five dudes discuss. – YourTango

Monkey see, monkey do: Watch and learn from these celebrity relationship crash-and-burns. – Betty Confidential

What men supposedly “at their best” love about women. Turns out twirling bananas are a lot more important than hitherto suspected. – Jezebel

Hungarian man banned from bar after attempting to smuggling out establishment’s condom machine under his coat. Guess his big plans for the night didn’t quite work out the way he meant them to. – Consumerist

If the internet is for porn, what better way to surf it than with this… uh… creative mousepad? – The Frisky More »

Party Favors: Protecting Your Crown Jewels

Party Favors: Protecting Your Crown Jewels

Three words: Royal. Wedding. Condoms. – Buzzfeed

Reading between the lines sometimes results in surprising messages. – HowAboutWe

Do Ladyparts Taste Like Pennies?: A one-act play. – The Hairpin

Love it or hate it, that peculiarly red-and-pink colored holiday is approaching. Try one of these fun alternatives to the dinner-and-flowers routine to celebrate the day– or any day you feel like celebrating. – YourTango

Can feminists date “traditional” dudes and still be feminists? – The Frisky More »

Party Favors: Short Skirts and Dirty Words

Party Favors: Short Skirts and Dirty Words

What happens in Vegas… may not actually stay in Vegas. – True Crime Report

“Mrs.” is a dirty word, but not for the reason you’re thinking. – The Frisky

Short skirts are apparently responsible for keeping the masses uninformed. – Jezebel

Is his love really a red, red rose? Here’s your modernized guide to the Victorian concept of flower language. – Marie Claire

Does the number of notches you’ve got on the bedpost really matter? – College Candy More »

Party Favors: The Clone Wars

Party Favors: The Clone Wars

Your guide to becoming the world’s next Casanova. – YourTango rips HowAboutWe, so HowAboutWe offers users three free months. It’s like the Clone Wars of online dating. – HowAboutWe

Have more sex, get sick less often: one of 34 reasons to have sex. As if we needed more reasons!- AOL Health

In relationships, it really is the little things– and that may not necessarily be a good thing. – MyDaily

Pole dancing: a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy! – Buzzfeed More »

Party Favors: Prince William’s Hypothetical Future Mistresses

Party Favors: Prince William's Hypothetical Future Mistresses

Screw the royal wedding – it’s all about guessing who future royal mistresses might be. – Dumb As a Blog

If you’re still new to the world of sexting, have no fear: here’s a primer on how to do it. – YourTango

There’s a disease that makes some men sick right after they have sex. It’s an allergy to their own semen. Yes, you read that correctly. – AOL Health

Too tired to get it on? These tips will keep you from passing out halfway through sex. – Betty Confidential

Some couples spend Valentine’s Day at a bed and breakfast or an expensive restaurant. And some people go to White Castle. – Consumerist

More brilliance from Jersey Shore: you should wear a “mind condom” if you think you’re being fucked in the head. – The Frisky More »

Party Favors: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Party Favors: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Feeling cheated on, but can’t figure out why? There’s a new kind of infidelity in town, and it’s financial. Guess that’s where that mysterious new plasma screen came from… – Reuters

All he needs is imagination and some AA batteries, and he can be anything you want him to be. – Huffington Post

Mile High Flights has been shut down, on the grounds that the in-flight sex posed a safety hazard. For the passengers, or for the pilots? – YourTango

Riding the slutwave with Katy Perry’s boobs. – The Frisky

Hotel owners claim they don’t discriminate against homosexual couples– they discriminate against ALL unmarried couples who try to stay at their hotel. – Jezebel More »

Party Favors: This Picture Explains Your Failed Marriage

Party Favors: This Picture Explains Your Failed Marriage

Jaded? Here’s how to get rid of some of your negative thoughts about love and relationships. – YourTango

An explanation about why marriages don’t work out, in handy infographic form. – Fast Company

Is there a gene that makes some people more likely to rape than others? – Double X

Congratulations – you’re in a new relationship. Here are some tips to keep your friends from killing you the next time you dive into another monologue about your relationship. – Betty Confidential

Is there a difference between The Bachelor and To Catch a Predator? – College Candy More »

Party Favors: Shakira’s Breakup Kit

Party Favors: Shakira's Breakup Kit

How to help your partner cope with a loss. – YourTango

Not sure how to tell people that you and your significant other have split? Take a page from Shakira’s super-dignified playbook. – Socialife Life

Do guys like shy girls or think they’re playing hard to get? – Betty Confidential

Here’s a guide to incorporating Star Wars into your sex life without having to wear the Princess Leia bikini. – Crushable

It seems obvious, but it bears repeating: just because you are single does not mean you are alone. – The Frisky More »

Party Favors: Why Angry Sex Is Great

Party Favors: Why Angry Sex Is Great

A Florida woman died following a routine liposuction. No, this is not a repeat from Clueless.AOL Health

The expression “never go to bed angry” was clearly not coined by someone who liked hate-sex. – The Frisky

Love burlesque? Some Virgin employees helped set a pasties world record in London. – Socialite Life

What do women really want? Love? Attention? Chocolate? No, sayeth a survey and William Makepeace Thackeray, it’s to marry someone rich. – Telegraph

January, not April, is the cruelest month: it’s when divorce rates hit a high for the year. – YourTango More »