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Party Favors: Old People Still Like Sex

Party Favors: Old People Still Like Sex

In 2010, 43,869,800 people changed their Facebook relationship status to “single,” while only 28,460,516 changed their status to “in a relationship.” But what about “it’s complicated”? – Mashable

A new study says that old guys are still interested in sex. The ghost of Anna Nicole Smith could not be reached for comment. – YourTango

If you have a friend who has a problem with drunk texting (or if you’re the friend with the problem), here’s how you can help. – College Candy

In a cruel joke from the universe, all the country’s single men are in LA and all the single women are in New York. Every female friend I have just replied “Yeah, duh.” – Nerve

Would you do porn if you were broke and needed to support your family? Vivid Video has made an offer to Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, whose house is in foreclosure, and is hoping she’ll say yes. – The Frisky More »

Party Favors: The Best Celebrity Butts

Party Favors: The Best Celebrity Butts

Want to make some New Year’s resolutions? Start with getting rid of the “toxic” men in your life. – YourTango

Forget about those other end-of-the-year lists: the only one that matters is this one about celebrity booty. – Crushable

If you want to kiss your high-school ex when the clock strikes midnight tonight, here’s all the advice you need for hooking up with your hometown love. – HowAboutWe

What do you do when your partner starts to gain weight but you don’t want to be a nag about it? – Betty Confidential

Have you ever gone parking? Find out the best car makes and models for backseat lovin. – Jalopnik More »

Party Favors: Three Hours of Pleasure

Party Favors: Three Hours of Pleasure

What do boxers wear? Briefs, obviously. – The Frisky

The average man experiences three total hours’ worth of orgasms in their entire lives. – Times of India

If you could “order” a guy online like you could order groceries? The website works on that very premise. But can I get a side of garlic mashed potatoes? – Betty Confidential

You should treat your man like a Chrismas cookie. Um… edible? – YourTango

The most important category that the Oscars ignore: here’s a list of the five best sex/seduction scenes from films in 2010. – The Hollywood Reporter More »

Party Favors: The Rape Card

Party Favors: The Rape Card

What do you do when you get “that feeling” that a guy is cheating, but don’t have proof? – Lemondrop

Your friend just got raped. Luckily, there’s an incredibly insensitive greeting card for times like these. – The Frisky

Vaginal steam baths could help cure infertility and painful periods. The problem is that you have to utter the phrase “vaginal steam bath.” – Blisstree

Bad news for your reproductive health: nearly half of pregnancies in America are unplanned. – AOL Health

Is saying “I love you” no longer necessary in a relationship? – College Candy More »

Party Favors: The Most Depressing Flirting Quiz Ever

Party Favors: The Most Depressing Flirting Quiz Ever

Want a fling? Sure, pick a pretty boy. Want a life partner? Pick a nerd. – Lemondrop

How much would you pay for the sweater worn by a girl who had sex with Ashton Kutcher? Apparently some people on eBay would pay thousands. – Betty Confidential

Feel good about the way you flirt? You won’t after taking this quiz. – HowAboutWe

Can good dental hygiene lead to a good love life? Yes, and not only if you’re Emma from Glee. – YourTango

The holidays are the time of year for family, togetherness, Yule logs … and breaking up. – Crushable More »

Party Favors: Sex Advice from Frylock

Party Favors: Sex Advice from Frylock

Meatwad, Frylock, and Master Shake (that’d be Aqua Teen Hunger Force to you) have some sex tips. Write this shit down. – Nerve

The night of the year you’re most likely to have a one night stand? New Year’s Eve, not surprisingly. – Lemondrop

Here are photos of celebrity women like Snooki and Katy Perry showing off their DSLs. That doesn’t mean their high-speed internet connections. – The Frisky

Ready for Kinect sex? Well, it may not be ready for you. – Consumerist

Air New Zealand’s billboards reading “Fares lower than your grandma’s boobs” have been taken down following complaints. – More »

Party Favors: The Best Pickup Line Ever

Party Favors: The Best Pickup Line Ever

Why one woman says that living with Mom and Dad actually improved her marriage. – YourTango

What should you do when you’re in love with two men? Surprisingly, “force them to joust to the death to win your heart” is not on the list. – Betty Confidential

If your Christmas just isn’t sexy enough, might we suggest adding “The 7 Cup Sizes of Christmas”? – The Stir

And the most foolproof pickup line in the whole world is …. – Lemondrop

Forget about a man for all seasons. Right now you need a winter boyfriend, who will cuddle with you for warmth and stay home watching movies rather than venturing outside. – Marie Claire More »

Party Favors: Couple Gifts of the Damned

Party Favors: Couple Gifts of the Damned

Do you have a hot ex you see whenever you visit your parents for the holidays? Here’s how to avoid having “seasonal sex” with your favorite former fling. – Glamour

Here’s what not to do: these presents are guaranteed to make sure you don’t get laid. – The Frisky

Several movies with oral sex scenes scored Golden Globe nominations. Does this mean cunnilingus on camera is going to become a trend? – The Hollywood Reporter

Are you compatible? Here are 11 quick points that you can check off your list. – YourTango

Things that are sexy: lacy underwear, oysters, Ryan Gosling, and apparently these festive holiday cocktails. – Betty Confidential More »

Party Favors: Here’s A Way To Put The “Hoe, Hoe, Hoe” In Christmas

Party Favors:  Here's A Way To Put The "Hoe, Hoe, Hoe" In Christmas

Is there ever a good way to be broken up with? – Marie Claire

Read this if you’re thinking about cheating on your partner. – YourTango

How would you feel if you and your boyfriend lived next door to his mom? – Lemondrop

As if there could be any losers at the Academy Awards of Porn. – The Frisky

Would you want your boyfriend to wear crotchless underwear? – Asylum More »

Party Favors: Cheating Might Be Genetic (And The Best Excuse Ever)

Party Favors: Cheating Might Be Genetic (And The Best Excuse Ever)

Would you marry a man with two months to live? – Lemondrop

Hanukkah time is couples time. – YourTango

Don’t share this study (and perfect excuse) with your boyfriend: cheating could be genetic – Betty Confidential

Would you rather be broken up with before the holidays or after? - Marie Claire

Do you think still being a virgin after college makes you a loser? – Crushable More »

Party Favors: Sciences Proves You’re Skanky

Party Favors: Sciences Proves You're Skanky

Lemondrop readers are divided on whether kissing a girl counts as cheating. No word on whether they think you’re just doing it for attention. – Lemondrop

Even though yesterday was World AIDS Day, statistics show that less than 45 percent of Americans have had an HIV test. – AOL Health

Science thinks you’re a slut. Here’s why. – Livescience

It’s important for kids to know that their parents have a happy, functional sexual relationship something something I just barfed. – YourTango

It took 12 hours to film the Breaking Dawn (that’s the next Twilight movie, for those of you who pretend not to know) sex scene. Cue a tabloid headline about Robsten’s sex marathon in five… four… – Celebuzz More »

Party Favors: Your Condoms Could Be Coated In Vegetable Oil & Other Sex Risks To Freak You Out

Party Favors: Your Condoms Could Be Coated In Vegetable Oil & Other Sex Risks To Freak You Out

Your sex toy could lead to birth defects. – AOL Health

Here’s some etiquette rules to breaking off your engagement. – YourTango

And you thought the height difference between you and your boyfriend was a big deal. – The Frisky

Don’t worry, girls: he doesn’t listen to what his friends say, either. – College Candy

Now your Jewish mother can use technology to pick your boyfriend. – PR Newswire

Attractive people apparently have more daughters. Sorry, moms with boys… – Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter More »

Party Favors: ‘Burlesque’ is Not Really Burlesque … Shocker

Party Favors: 'Burlesque' is Not Really Burlesque ... Shocker

Real burlesque performers weigh in on how unrealistic the movie Burlesque is. – The Frisky

A man with the same condition that causes erectile dysfunction didn’t have ED issues, he just went blind every time he had sex. – Daily Mail

If you’re a vibrator tester for a magazine, there is a slight chance you may become addicted to using vibrators. Just don’t tell your parents about it. – YourTango

The Lego Advent Calendar set includes a naked showering Santa for all kids to enjoy. – Consumerist More »