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Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing A ‘Guantanamo Party’ For Coachella

Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing A 'Guantanamo Party' For Coachella

What is it with people these days choosing to push boundaries with party themes? Sometimes, these ideas are playful and fun. It’s lovely. Sometimes, these ideas are terrible; for example, that sorority from Penn State who assumed all Mexicans are impoverished drug addicts. Not so lovely, and that is why they were publicly ridiculed.

Of course, not everybody learns the “be creative, not cruel” rule when it comes to parties; now, Flaunt magazine wants in on the good ol’ racist action, too. More »

Look At This Cupcake Pod Machine

Look At This Cupcake Pod Machine

Have you often thought to yourself: ‘I always think I will enjoy gumball machines more than I do?’ I do. Sure, the gumball machine seems all fun and futuristic with its round glass top (like a lightbulb, almost! A weird lightbulb!) and it’s so colorful, and full of pep, and it reminds you of childhood. And isn’t it great when the gumballs roll down the spirals? Hah! Rolling things! Fun for everyone but Sisyphus! More »