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“Sextsy” Exposes The Seamy Underbelly Of Crafting

"Sextsy" Exposes The Seamy Underbelly Of Crafting

Did you know that there’s a website called “Sextsy” that’s dedicated to finding all the sexiest photos on Etsy? Now you do! (I’m not sure why “sext” should be a part of the name, but I’ll go with it.) Although its purported reason for existing is to “celebrate the beautiful women who continue to drive creativity in the realms of fashion and craft,” it is also a goldmine for ridiculous pictures on par with Sad Etsy Boyfriends. Here are some of my favorites. More »

How to Make Your Own Pasties

How to Make Your Own Pasties

Some of us have the art of seduction down… like me. When it comes to seducing my imaginary boyfriend, Fred, all I need is a fifth a whiskey and some aromatherapy candles and we’ve got ourselves a party. However, some of you need a li’l something to extra to turn your lover into a pile of bumbling love mush. So why not shake things up in the boudoir with something that sparkles, something that teases, something like… pasties. Originally created to censor the nipple in topless theatrical performances without totally covering the breast, pasties are sexy, fun and add a level of mystery. More »