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Party Favors: No Sucking Face at Religious Sites

Party Favors: No Sucking Face at Religious Sites

What should you do when your ex-boyfriend hits on you in front of his new girlfriend? Ask a cat for advice, obviously. – Blisstree

PDA is always wrong, but it’s even wronger at a Hindu temple. – YourTango

A Chinese woman who was forced to get an IUD is now trying to claim asylum in the United States. Wasn’t there a West Wing episode about this? – The Frisky

No one likes having a terrible Valentine’s Day. But those awful days seem better when you turn them into a poem. – Betty Confidential

Living together in sin is basically the same as being married. Except for when it isn’t. – TresSugar

Women tend to buy sexier clothes when they’re ovulating. I usually just buy new jeans because I’m bloated and nothing fits me anymore. – AOL Health More »

Party Favors: People Get Hornier After Elections

Party Favors: People Get Hornier After Elections

Women with long arms are more attractive than women with long legs. Good thing it’s pants and tights weather. I’m covering those legs up! – Huffington Post

People view more porn if their candidate wins an election. Ew. – Asylum

The Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project is calling for more genital awareness. In other news, there is a Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project. – The Sheaf

Celebrities like PDA. Here are the eight celeb couples who do it the most. – The Frisky More »

Women’s Prerogative On PDA’s

Women's Prerogative On PDA's

Men’s Health magazine conducted a survey among 215 Women for their November issue regarding the thing called PDA. That’s Public Display of Affection for yah. These 215 women rated which actions are very classy way of showing Men’s affection and … More »