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Make-Up On My 4-Year-Old Doesn’t ‘Invite’ Pedophiles

Make-Up On My 4-Year-Old Doesnât âInviteâ Pedophiles

I can admit that I was prepared for a little internet blowback from appearing on Good Morning America to talk about allowing my daughter to wear make-up. I understood that agreeing to the interview meant opening myself up to other people’s opinions and observations. As a blogger, I welcome critiques every day.

But I have to admit that there is a vein of comments surrounding the issue of young children and make-up that I find particularly disturbing. I’m okay with people saying I’m wrong. I’m fine with someone saying that I need to re-think this decision. Those people are entitled to their opinions. I’m not okay with commenters saying, ”This is one reason why pedophiles exist.” More »