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Watching Adam Scott Talk About Penises Is The Most Anatomically Hilarious Way To Start Your Day

Watching Adam Scott Talk About Penises Is The Most Anatomically Hilarious Way To Start Your Day

All-around adorable person Adam Scott went on Conan last night to talk about his new movie A.C.O.D. and ended up talking about penises. It happens to the best of us. A perfectly normal, professional, PG conversation suddenly takes a dong turn somewhere and next thing you know every other word out of your mouth is “penis.” And in Adam’s case the penises are coming out of his mouth and also going in. I’m sorry to put that image in your head, but it’s Adam who created the image and set it free into the world in the first place. More »

Justin Theroux’s Penis Auditions For Jon Hamm’s Body By Making Its Media Debut

Justin Therouxâs Penis Auditions For Jon Hammâs Body By Making Its Media Debut

If you’re a penis who really wants to make it in  this town, you’ve got to be attached to the only crotch that matters. And that crotch obviously belongs to one and only Jon Hamm. Once you make it  there, the saying is you can make it everywhere…that Google safe search is turned off. So that’s why I’m not surprised to see Justin Theroux’s penis auditioning for the coveted role when he (Justin, not his penis) went on a run recently. Although Justin, his current owner and legal handler, seems unaware of his penis’ cameo, Wikileaks says it still counts as a legitimate audition. More »

Party Favors: In Love, There Are No Do-Overs

Party Favors: In Love, There Are No Do-Overs

A Montreal middle school teacher has been fired after giving students a multiple-choice exam that involved questions about penis sizes and anal sex. Mon dieu!Gawker

Should you ever re-date an old love and other questions about “love do-overs.” – Lemondrop

Men in Uganda are being encouraged to take a “sex strike” as a way to enact political change. This will finally answer the question “Would Lysistrata work for dudes?” – Creative Loafing

How to flirt like a nerd. – The Frisky

What makes birds gay? Your dad might say it’s just a sinful choice, but scientists say it’s the amount of mercury in the air. Well, considering Mercury wore those gay winged shoes, it’s no wonder. – MSNBC

Amish-themed romance novels are becoming more popular. But it won’t count until one of them gets turned into a Lifetime movie. – Newsweek More »

The Top 5 Foods You Don’t Want Your Fella to Consume Before You Give Him Oral

The Top 5 Foods You Don't Want Your Fella to Consume Before You Give Him Oral

Not too long ago I was performing the act of fellatio or, less eloquently, I was giving head. I had given oral to this particular person several times, and there had never been a problem. However, during this one particular incident there was a mild issue: his cum. Yes, his cum, his man juice, semen, ejaculation, whatever one wants to call it was absolutely foul and rancid. I was shocked; this had never ever been an issue. To quote Samantha from Sex and the City, “it’s never been a trip to Baskin Robbins,” but this particular, er, flavor was one for the record books. Having the type of relationship I have with this person, one of open communication and any chance to ridicule each other, I told him. When I did, a realization was made: asparagus. More »