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7 Awesome Aromatherapy Products For Fall

7 Awesome Aromatherapy Products For Fall

I’m pretty into stuff that smells good. How about you? Whether you think aromatherapy is hokey hippie crap or a fun way to heal your mind and body, it’s always good to have stuff that smells good. That’s my philosophy, at least. So here are 7 awesome aromatherapy products for your body and your home. More »

Ready-To-Click: J.Lo’s Divorce Press Tour

Ready-To-Click: J.Lo's Divorce Press Tour

Jennifer Lopez and her rock make the Vanity Fair cover. -Styleite

Sephora‘s new nails: an affordable array in some decidedly chic shades. -Refinery29

Nobody really does casual cool like Kate Moss. -The Budget Babe

Gucci launches Gucci Style app. -The High Low

Banish “fat talk.” -YouBeauty

Holistic facials are good for your face and, apparently, your psyche. -Birchbox

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