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Tamara Mellon Is the Andy Cohen Of Fashion

Tamara Mellon Is the Andy Cohen Of Fashion

Sometimes, when people have a lot of money and are really successful at one thing, they start thinking they are good at everything. Take Bravo’s Andy Cohen, for example. He was a network executive when Bravo was still just “that channel that has Project Runway” and helped turn them into a marquee TV brand. But he got overconfident and started thinking that he also had a talent at hosting – he now has a blog on Bravo’s website and hosts their Real Housewives reunions. He sucks at it. More »

Why I Wear Men’s Fragrances

Why I Wear Men's Fragrances

I went to high school in a fairly small community where there weren’t a lot of stores. Every girl in my high school selected ‘her’ Bath and Body Works fragrance and wore it constantly in body spray, lotion, and bath gel form. The locker room smelled like a basket of wax fruit every day after gym class. But I just couldn’t settle on which scent was going to be mine: I didn’t want to smell like a country apple or a sun-ripened raspberry, as much as I would have enjoyed eating either of those things. Ultimately, it was a men’s scent that drew me in: cool spring, which smelled like musk and rainwater. The woman at the counter asked me if I was getting a gift for my boyfriend, and, feeling ashamed, I said yes. But I loved every drop of the scent and wore it until I couldn’t squeeze any more out of the bottle. Since then, it has been men’s – and the occasional unisex – fragrances all the way. Recently, I got my hands on a sample of Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua for Men, and I’ve sported it every day since then. More »