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20 Models Turned Singers–From The Very Bad To The Surprisingly Okay

20 Models Turned Singers--From The Very Bad To The Surprisingly Okay

Earlier this week, we learned that Gisele Bundchen had recorded a very-not-great cover of a perfect song, “All Day & All of the Night” by The Kinks–we then promptly learned it was a charity single, each download of which benefitted UNICEF and we felt really bad about hating it (just not enough to stop). And two weeks before that? Ubiquitous Brit Cara Delevingne revealed that she can sing, in addition to model and make funny faces.

However, listening to Bundchen’s cover got us thinking: while there have been several high profile attempts by models to become singers (and actresses), how many would we characterize as successful? The answer: not a lot. More »

Was Kate Moss Once A Danger To Society?

Was Kate Moss Once A Danger To Society?

Here’s a history lesson for you: on this day in 2007, the Scottish health minister Andy Kerr decided he was done with just sitting back and watching Kate Moss being so ”blasé” about smoking in public. Kerr’s concern was for the legions of people, teenagers especially, who look up to Kate and might be thinking that picking up a cigarette is “cool.” Well, kids, it’s not “cool” and Kate is “uncaring” for living her life as she chooses. More »

Gallery: The Men Kate Moss Didn’t Marry (From Johnny Depp To Pete Doherty)

Gallery: The Men Kate Moss Didn't Marry (From Johnny Depp To Pete Doherty)

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince got married last weekend and, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve seen a pretty hilarious surge in Kate Moss and Johnny Depp nostalgia on the internet. My response is 1) you’re all a bunch of tasteless jerks and 2) Kate + Pete forevs! …Here’s a gallery of the dudes Kate Moss dated and didn’t marry. Also, congratulations to Kate the Great and Jamie Hince, here’s hoping you two crazy kids can make it work. More »

Check Out Kate Moss’ Dior Addict Commercial

Check Out Kate Moss' Dior Addict Commercial

I’m not really sure which I find more distracting: that the supermodel who went to rehab and was once photographed nonchalantly cutting lines with her high-profile addict boyfriend Pete Doherty is now the face of a Dior lipstick called Addict… or the slew of lazy, shitty puns we’re going to see about the pairing: Kate Moss is an Addict? Can You Guess Kate Moss’ Addiction? Kate Moss Loves Dior Lipstick But Also Cocaine? More »

Pete Doherty Designs Jewelry Now

Pete Doherty Designs Jewelry Now

Pete Doherty superfans like myself finally have something to live for: he is designing a line of men’s jewelry. Doherty has showed a lot of interest in forging a career outside of music since he is basically way too huge of a trainwreck to record songs and play instruments. His more notable forays outside of rock music are 1) creating artworks made of his own blood, 2) looking confusingly hot as a Cavalli model and 3) communing with his mouse friends (more on that in a minute). More »

Link Love: The Day Lilit’s Book Came Out!

Link Love: The Day Lilit's Book Came Out!

Save The Assistants is on sale now. Go buy it here. – The Most Important News of The Day

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty are moving in together – Metro

As of October Kate Moss will not longer be working with Topshop - Jezebel

Anna Winour’s ex-assistant has a photography exhibit at Fashion Night Out - TheCut

Caroline Giuliani got one day of community service for shoplifting from Sephora – Gawker More »

We all knew this was coming…

We all knew this was coming...

Kate Moss has officially unleashed her lawyers on ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty, in hopes of preventing him from releasing video footage of their ridiculous relationship to the media and public. Good girl, Kate. Kick that man out o’ town. Source