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Gallery: Alyssa Campanella’s First Photo Shoot As Miss USA

Gallery: Alyssa Campanella's First Photo Shoot As Miss USA

In addition to not being a complete nincompoop when it comes to the concept of separation of church and state, newly crowned Miss USA Alyssa Campanella is very, very pretty. How pretty? Check out these behind-the-scenes pictures from her first official photo shoot and see for yourself. In addition to science, being pretty, and not being an insane religious fundamentalist, she enjoys history, fantasy, and science fiction books. Classy! More »

Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Understand How the Naked Pictures Thing Works

Kim Kardashian Doesn't Understand How the Naked Pictures Thing Works

Kim Kardashian has a sex tape and has been in Playboy, but apparently someone needs to teach her a couple of things about what happens when you let people take pictures of you naked. On an episode of her new show, Kourtney and Kim Take New York (note: I was rooting for a different spinoff, Kim and All Her K-Named Relatives Take a Break and Go Away), Kim cried about how she did a nude photoshoot for W magazine, who ended up using one of the nude photos for the cover. More »

Party Favors: The Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through His Salad

Party Favors: The Way to a Man's Heart Is Through His Salad

A new dating site claims that you can tell a lot about a person by what they put on their salad. Lunch date, anyone? – Lemondrop

Forget the prenup. If you want to have a one night stand, it’s all about the “prenook.” – Em & Lo

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy have signed on to star in the movie Hysteria, which is about the invention of the vibrator. It’s sure to be a throbbingly good time. – The Frisky

Should there be a moratorium on athletes doing fashion photoshoots? This picture of Kobe Bryant makes me want to say yes. – ESPN

A former employee is suing Disney for workplace discrimination. She alleges that she was fired from her job waitressing at a Disney restaurant in California because she wore a headscarf. – AOL Jobs More »