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What Are Some New Terms We Can Use Instead Of ‘Pro Choice’?

What Are Some New Terms We Can Use Instead Of 'Pro Choice'?

After years of tireless service to the women’s rights movement, it would seem that the term “pro choice” has outlasted its effectiveness. At least, according to its former BFF, Planned Parenthood, which is now seeking to distance itself from the term. “It’s a complicated topic and one in which labels don’t reflect the complexity,” said PP president Cecile Richards at a recent press conference. More »

This Is Why We Need Planned Parenthood

This Is Why We Need Planned Parenthood

Last year, the Texan legislature slashed family-planning funding from $111.5 million to $37.9 million. These cuts deeply impacted Planned Parenthood clinics. Defenders of the cuts claim that women have many other options, and don’t require Planned Parenthood clinics (despite the fact that Texas has the highest rate of uninsured women in the country). RealityCheck reporter Andrea Grimes made some calls to see what other options Texan women have, and she will explain it better than I can. More »

Party Favors: I’m Married To Superman

Party Favors: I'm Married To Superman

Remember that congressman who resigned over his Craigslist personals ad? Well, it turns out it might not just have been women he was hunting for… – Gawker

This couple’s cartoon wedding included such spectacular moments as the bride, who was Jessica Rabbit, walking down the aisle to the tune of the Star Wars theme. Now THAT’S dedication. – The Daily Mail

Notable: all the upheaval concerning Planned Parenthood and reproductive health. This has been all over the news recently; check this out and stay informed. – College Candy

A woman in Beijing posted a nude video of her 26-year-old daughter on the internet. Arranged marriage superplan? Or icky pimping-out of offspring? – Nerve

Whose sweatpants are YOU wearing? – The College Crush More »

Party Favors: The Mona Lisa Is Smiling Just For You

Party Favors: The Mona Lisa Is Smiling Just For You

To call him or not to call him: that is the question. – Betty Confidential

It’s possible that “Mona Lisa” was actually Da Vinci’s boyfriend. Maybe THAT’S what she’s (he’s?) been smiling about for all these years. – Jezebel

Once upon a time there was a Roman named Valentine who was beaten to death with clubs. We now commemorate this event by consuming large amounts of chocolate. – HowAboutWe

The new Spider-Man costume is doing wonders for Andrew Garfield. – Socialite Life

How do guys and girls learn about sex differently? Girls chat with each other. Guys watch porn. But these two methods may not be as mutually exclusive as it might seem. – The College Crush acquires OKCupid. The big question on everyone’s mind: does this mean we’re going to have to pay for our internet hookups now? – YourTango More »