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Why I’m Still Skeptical Of Marriage

Why I'm Still Skeptical Of Marriage

So a lot has been written on this here website about marriage: imaginary weddings, real weddings, marriage equality for gay people, desire to marry, pressure for to marry, etc. I have even puzzled out my own unexpected case of wedding fever. Hell, Ashley and Jennifer take a moment out of each week to decide which fictional character/animal/wheat product they would marry, given the opportunity.

But one position that’s been underrepresented is that oft-caricatured hallmark of second-wave feminism: skepticism. Believe it or not, there are plenty of reasons for a person, male or female, to be reluctant to participate in this storied institution, and they don’t all have to do with hating men or burning our bras. More »

American Woman Drinks, Shops Through Turkey’s Political Upheaval

American Woman Drinks, Shops Through Turkey's Political Upheaval

As you may know, the country of Turkey is currently going through a period of unrest that may yet reach revolutionary levels. Fed up with the government’s oppressive policies, thousands of people are taking to the streets to do battle with a brutal police force as they agitate for change. A few people have died already, and hundreds more have been injured. Sounds like a perfect climate in which to get drunk and go shopping, right? More »

A Critically Ill Woman Could Go To Jail For Getting A Lifesaving Abortion

A Critically Ill Woman Could Go To Jail For Getting A Lifesaving Abortion

According to Amnesty International, a critically ill woman in El Salvador could go to jail if she gets an abortion to save her life. The woman, known as Beatriz, is experiencing health problems stemming from the pregnancy related to her kidney disease and lupus. Despite the fact that the hospital treating her requested legal permission from the government for Beatriz to abort months ago (she is now four and a half months pregnant) none has been granted. More »

Why Feminism Must Be About More Than Careerism, ‘Leaning In,’ And The Glass Ceiling

Why Feminism Must Be About More Than Careerism, 'Leaning In,' And The Glass Ceiling

There’s been a lot of discussion as of late about Sheryl Sandberg‘s bourgeois and somewhat apolitical version of feminism, Lean In. It seems like everywhere I look, the feminist discourse has been taken over by discussions of the ways in which women hold themselves back at work, how we need more women at the top, why Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer won’t call herself a feminist, etc. As a feminist with some serious socialist leanings, I am mildly annoyed by this, but I’m also kind of happy, because it gives me a chance to discuss how and why feminism must go beyond talking about how the most privileged women should be allowed to self-actualize at the highest levels possible, to the issues that concern that vast majority of the female workforce. More »