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Friday Style Icon: Lucille Ball As Lucy Ricardo From I Love Lucy

Friday Style Icon: Lucille Ball As Lucy Ricardo From I Love Lucy

What can you say about Lucille Ball other than the obvious: that she fucking ruled? Well, you can say she looked pretty fresh in house dresses, polka dots, contrasting collars and kitten-heeled slingbacks. Also, she was waaaaaay ahead of the game on fashion turbans. Let’s get some some retro inspiration, I Love Lucy style. …Also: I’m super sorry that the theme song is now stuck in your head, like it’s been stuck in mine. More »

Party Favors: In Case You Didn’t Know…

Party Favors: In Case You Didn't Know...

Important lessons from forgotten classic, What Is A WIFE. -The Hairpin

Another day, another offensive PETA ad. -DoubleX

Separated at birth: Justin Beiber and Rachel Maddow. -The Frisky

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I wish I had crazy hedges. -ShelterPop

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Technology sure is getting invasive. -The High Low

Jennifer Lopez and one of her Kohl’s bags. -The Budget Babe

Exfoliating is a non-negotiable part of your routine.” -Birchbox

Concerning vanity sizing. -YouBeauty

Lust Object: Thakoon Striped/Flocked Dress

Lust Object: Thakoon Striped/Flocked Dress

I love a good polka-dot dress and I’ve been scouring vintage stores for as long as I can remember in search of that perfect sexy 50′s housewife sheath. Unfortunately, every time I see a bit of promising black and white peeking out of a rack, the dress is revealed to be hugely flawed, whether it be school marmish, Peter Pan collar’ed, or inexplicably belted. At this point I’d settle for a budget I Love Lucy costume. More »