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10 Things We Expect From Roberto Cavalli’s Nightclubs

10 Things We Expect From Roberto Cavalli's Nightclubs

Roberto Cavalli’s empire is on the move: news broke this week he’ll be sprinkling glamor and excess across the globe by expanding his Cavalli Club brand (which already has spots in Dubai and Florence). We are neither the type to willingly enter a Cavalli Club, nor be allowed inside a Cavalli Club, which makes a fun game of imagining what they’re like. Here’s a list of ten qualities we’d anticipate. More »

Gallery: Tasteful Ways to Wear ‘Slutty’ Clothes

Gallery: Tasteful Ways to Wear 'Slutty' Clothes

So, yeah, maybe if you try really really hard, you can dress in a way that will make people assume you’re a slut (but guess what: no matter how you dress people will assume shit!). Now, an item of clothing can’t necessarily be slutty, but it can be styled… in a way I would not advise. Today’s fashion gallery showcases some looks traditionally considered “slutty”–microminis, exposed midriffs, fuck me pumps–done in ways that won’t have your mother rushing to throw a towel over you. Let’s begin. More »